Kids On The Yard Is Opening Doors For Children To Succeed Academically And Social-Emotionally With a Holistic Academic, Enrichment, And SEL Approach

With a commitment to boosting children’s academic and emotional well-being through an innovative approach in a safe and nurturing environment, Kids On The Yard gives children the confidence and skills they need to prepare for their next academic milestones.

Students everywhere are growing up in a fast-paced digital environment that has escalated their expectations of what it means to learn. Children want to be entertained, engaged, and fulfilled. Kids on the Yard, a tutoring company, is here for the 21st Century learner and family. Talented Sarah Katrina Maruani, a former Elementary School Teacher, founded the company, Kids on the Yard, which pioneered the whole-child approach learning solutions by combining academic and social-emotional tools with tutoring solutions.

It was the first of its kind that blended the best of academic and social-emotional techniques for an assessment, growth plan, and quality learning experience that works for each child. They help children build strength for their futures!

During an interview session, the founder shared her insights and approach and addressed how Kids on the Yard is changing lives and bringing out the best in every child.

What’s the biggest challenge today’s teachers and parents face regarding a child’s learning journey?

“In today’s world of education, teachers and tutors are constantly faced with finding new ways to inspire students with a 21st Century growth mindset. As a result, there needs to be more time to explore different techniques that are more effective in fostering learning.

At Kids on the Yard, every child can achieve success in their educational goals with a customized approach to their learning style. Our teachers work with each student toward their individualized academic growth while significantly focusing on social and emotional development. With the concentration on the whole child and family, we provide accessible learning solutions through academic growth and enrichment coaching, as well as social and emotional support to create a dynamic academic experience for each student!”

What feature makes the Kids on The Yard platform stand out from the rest of tutoring services?

“We use our innovative, whole-child tutoring approach to inspire more than just learning. We provide Academic and Enrichment Support for your child in every learning session and help them develop their confidence through social-emotional skills needed to thrive in life. We see you and your children as one great whole!

Our methods will change the way your child approaches their educational journey. We serve our families by cultivating an environment supporting children and bridging the gap between home and school.  We focus on building confidence and school skills to embrace academic challenges and milestones. Our tutors are the best!”

What should parents opt for with After-School Tutoring and Home-schooling Tutoring Programs?

Both options have benefits, and we offer the best of both worlds. Our after-school tutoring programs, individual or group, can help your child develop a positive attitude toward learning and cause them to be more focused during school hours.

Kids on the Yard After-school learning programs ensure your child doesn’t face stress and frustration due to challenging homework assignments. Our certified teachers prepare customized lessons based on each student’s academic and emotional intelligence growth. We also adhere to state standards and school curriculum to ensure that the after-school tutoring education aligns with what they learned in the classroom.

Homeschooling is parent-directed education conducted in a home setting. Kids on the Yard certified state educators are trained and experienced to offer children the best home-schooling support regardless of age, learning style, or environment. We help you provide the best home-schooling education to your child through our custom-tailored home-school programs.

Refrain from settling for anything less for your child’s education. Learn more about Kids On The Yard and inspire them to rise above the barriers and experience a new world of inspiring growth with Sarah Katrina.

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