OpixTech, A New Opportunities for the Financial Market

At the very end of the twentieth century, with the rapid development of computer technology, the financial markets have changed and are now entirely electronic. And a whole new segment of trading emerged – algorithm trading. Algorithm trading refers to the use of mathematical models and computer technology to specify trading strategies for investors, allowing the computer to execute the trading strategies for higher returns.

Algorithms offer traders a solution with the potential to make a profit because they offer trading advantages without emotion, thus minimising the possibility of traders making mistakes.

In the algorithm trading market, the ability of algorithm trading to provide effective solutions and reduce trading costs in a situation of high market volatility and frequent changes in overall trends is a key concern for investors. Opix Algo developed by OpixTech has already outperformed traditional algorithms in a number of practical exercises.

Opix Algo has been successful in the options, commodities, equities and foreign exchange markets by using deep market data extracted from the Opix Trade trading platform to analyse the microstructure of the foreign exchange market and identify arbitrage opportunities.

OpixTech is an algorithm trading service provider. Founded in the Seychelles in 2017, the company is managed by Joseph Culter as Chief Executive Officer and Alex Rowayne as Chief Technology Officer. OpixTech has a team of around 160 people, 80% of whom are R&D staff, the majority of whom are technical staff compared to traditional traders.

With its expertise, vision, and background, OpixTech is well positioned to capitalise on the growth opportunities in algorithm trading. As a leading provider of financial technology and algorithm trading services, OpixTech has been driving the algorithm trading services industry since its inception, with a philosophy of “Technology Changes Trading”, providing high-quality services to the financial markets and enabling more users to enjoy the new opportunities brought by financial technology.

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