The World Famous ADLL Group is coming now

ADLL Group was established in 2018. Provide artificial intelligence investment services for virtual currency investors. In March 2021, it obtained investment from top cryptocurrency venture capital institutions A16z, Digital Currency Group (the parent company of Grayscale) and Binance Labs;), And in September 2022, apply for and obtain an industry license (Money Services Businesses) issued by the US Financial Supervisory Authority, In September 2022, ADLL Group officially entered the field of global digital asset trading services.

ADLL Group is one of the world’s leading digital asset trading platforms. ADLL has rich experience in Internet product operation. It mainly provides currency and derivatives trading services for digital assets such as Bitcoin, Lite-coin, and Ethereum(Ether)  for global users. ADLL Group is positioned as a Basic Block-chain Service Provider and is committed to providing one-stop high-quality encrypted asset services for global users. Adhere to the basic principle of “safety” as the primary task, and insist on serving customers with honesty, fairness and enthusiasm.

Whether you have extensive Bitcoin and digital currency trading experience or are just a beginner, ADLL Group’s customer service team can help. Today, ADLL Group has 5 million registered users around the world and a daily trading volume of up to 250 million US dollars, quickly becoming one of the world’s mainstream cryptocurrency trading platforms.

ADLL Group has established localized communities in Japan, South Korea, Europe, South America, Southeast Asia and other regions, focusing on serving cryptocurrency enthusiasts and experienced derivatives traders in various regional societies. We are always listening, caring and improving. We hope to continue to innovate by combining the advantages of cryptocurrencies and the traditional financial industry. Through excellent platform capabilities and professional design concepts, we will bring our users the safest, most efficient, fair and transparent trading experience in the industry.

ADLL Group is a one-stop digital asset trading platform, providing customers with timely, efficient and secure digital asset trading. The platform is composed of senior block-chain investors and world-renowned technical experts in the field of Internet finance. The core members are all from the world’s top financial companies. Major financial institutions have outstanding performance, keep abreast of market trends, and provide the latest market information! At the same time, we provide customers with one-to-one service, from the initial expert consultation to the execution of the transaction, including transaction reports and market analysis, each step goes hand in hand with first-class service, and cooperates in the transaction process, our goal is to cooperate with Build comfortable and lasting relationships with every client. The platform supports mainstream digital assets and legal currency transactions, and can provide comprehensive financial services!

ADLL Group has 7*24 hours online customer service, and you can use your mobile phone to trade anytime, anywhere! Professional charts, advanced analysis tools and attractive low spreads provide you with one-stop currency asset services!

In 2021, the cumulative turnover of ADLL Group has exceeded 8 billion US dollars. At present, there are millions of users in more than 190 countries around the world, and many customers have earned the first pot of gold in their lives through ADLL Group. To this end, we are very proud, and we will achieve greater achievements together with all our customers!

As a comprehensive trading platform, ADLL Group is a trading tool that provides investment services for global investors. It is suitable for large transactions and also offers private and personalized services. At the same time, we provide thousands of financial instruments, free and timely market quotations and all-weather online support to escort investment transactions!

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