Citizens of New Zealand, Czech, Denmark and Italy can now quickly obtain Canada Visa Online

Canada Visa Online is an all-in-one portal to apply for Canada Visa.

In August 2015, Canada launched a Visa Waiver program for some visa-exempt countries, allowing their citizens to visit Canada instead by applying for an Electronic Travel Authorization Document, also known as the eTA for Canada or Canada Visa Online. This was done as part of a joint agreement with the United States to improve border security.

Foreign nationals from certain eligible (Visa Exempt) countries can visit Canada without obtaining a visa from a Canadian Embassy or Consulate by using the eTA for Canada, which can be applied for and obtained online. Canada Visa Online is a Visa Waiver document.

The Canada eTA serves the same purpose as the Canada Visa, but the application process is simpler and faster. The Canada eTA is only useful for commercial, travel, and transportation purposes.

The validity period of your eTA is affected by the length of your stay. Even though your eTA is valid for 5 years, your stay is limited to 6 months. During the validity period, you are free to visit Canada whenever you want.

Now Canada Visa for Italian Citizens, Canada Visa for New Zealand Citizens, Canada Visa for CZECH Citizens, and Canada Visa for Denmark Citizens can be obtained from the Canada Visa Online portal.

People can apply for a Canada Visa by completing a five-minute online form. Applicants must enter information from their passport’s information page. Personal information, contact information such as email and address, and information about where they work are all included. The applicant must be in good health and have no criminal history.

The date of departure must be less than 90 days after the date of arrival. Even if they are only staying for one day or up to 90 days, those with a Business or Portuguese passport must obtain a Canada Electronic Travel Authority (Canada eTA). If citizens wish to stay for an extended period of time, they must apply for the appropriate Visa for their situation. Canada’s eTA is valid for five years. Citizens may enter Canada more than once during the five (5) years that the Canada eTA is valid.

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