Eap Samneangkhemara Founder of TM Media Founded Meta Charity Association And SBC-K9 Academy in Cambodia

Dogs are loyal and best friends for humanity. According to this point, Eap Samneangkhemara, Founder of TM Media, started SBC-K9 Academy with the aim of training dogs with various skills to help.

Human society, and especially dogs with disabilities, stray dogs will be cared for and raised.  Eap Samneangkhemara says that dogs are not a food, dogs are born to be the most loyal friends and companions of human beings. 

He also founded the Meta Charity Association to support the supply of SBC-K9 Academy. Not only that, the Meta Charity Association has set up a fund to help the elderly, orphans and provide scholarships to poor students.  A song about dogs too.  He added that he would campaign for a video to stop dogs from eating dog meat. 

He recently hosted the Cosplay Competition of an international dog training event and pet show in Kohpich, attended by many actors, singers, bloggers and animal lovers.  During the cosplay competition of the international dog training event and pet show, he said he was surprised when dog trainer Hin Ratana showed his talent for obedient dogs to do other things.  Amazing, never seen before. 

During a previous building collapse in Sihanoukville, Hin Ratana also went in search of the missing by sniffing dogs to find the missing.  Eap Samneangkhemara added that the Meta Charity Association will try to support the dog training school.  And the Meta Charity Association is also preparing to do charity to the needy elderly in remote areas and orphans, especially poor school students who can not afford to continue their education will be provided with scholarships. 

Eap Samneangkhemara was born on March 3, 1987 in Kampong Cham province, Country Cambodia. He has a family and two sons.

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