Creative Biolabs: Leading the Way in mRNA-Based Therapeutic Solutions

Having devoted much time and effort, Creative Biolabs has ranked among one of the top suppliers of mRNA-based therapeutic solutions nowadays and is confident in its capability to provide a wide range of mRNA services and technologies for global clients based on its comprehensive and advanced mRNA development platform.

New York, USA – November 12, 2022 – mRNA therapy as a treatment and prevention for diseases has emerged since the discovery of its great potential for assisting scientists in genetic screening, which has played a critical role in the research of various cellular mechanisms. This discovery greatly inspires scientists who have been focusing on mRNA research for years to use mRNA as the major therapeutic and vaccination component. Creative Biolabs is a CRO company that has been dedicated to mRNA-based therapeutics for many years and has developed a series of mRNA services and solutions to support clients’ diverse requirements and solve challenges regarding mRNA research and drug development.

“Any advances and findings in biological research cannot be achieved without technologies,” according to a scientist at Creative Biolabs, “so the mRNA technology plays the equivalent critical role in the development of mRNA-based therapeutics.”

LPR technology-widely utilized in mRNA research and demonstrated excellent performance in limiting tumor growth with reduced toxicity and improved colloidal stability-can be maturely applied by scientists at Creative Biolabs.

In addition, advancements in mRNA technologies supported the development of RNA therapy, which could ultimately become an alternative to DNA therapy. For years, Creative Biolabs has devoted much effort to mRNA capping in order to improve the properties of RNA. The company is now capable of providing a variety of cap analogs for the application of co-transcription capping, including ARCAs caps, fluorescent caps, fluorophosphate-containing caps, and 6-thioguanosine-containing caps.

Furthermore, Creative Biolabs also excels at providing mRNA-based cell reprogramming services. The mRNA reprogramming technology is considered the most productive approach for the generation of induced pluripotent stem (iPS) cell lines, which hold enormous possibilities in disease modeling and regenerative drugs.

“Studies showed that iPS cell reprogramming by mRNA could improve reprogramming efficacy in a faster and safer mean,” mentioned the scientist.

Backed by a dedicated technical team and reliable service support throughout the whole process, Creative Biolabs promises the delivery of first-in-class iPSC reprogramming services, advancing iPSC projects successfully.

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Creative Biolabs, renowned as the best mRNA solutions provider in this field, has been deeply rooted in pre-clinical drug development for several decades and has acquired extensive experience and professional knowledge of biological therapeutics. The company maintains its first heart and never forgets its great dream-to contribute to the development of mRNA-based therapeutics-and is committed to moving the development of mRNA-based therapeutics forward.

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