Who is the Social Media Expert Bob Jaalouk?

Who is the Social Media Expert Bob Jaalouk?
who is Bob Jaalouk?
Bob Jaalouk is a Lebanese entrepreneur who was able to etch his name in the world of social media in a country that lacks all means of hope for any young man. In a country where all means of happiness is banned, where dreams are shattered into pieces, where achievements are unfortunately unseen and neglected, Bob Jaalouk was able to shine bright.

Bob Jaalouk is one of the best social media experts and most influential businessmen whose reputation is limitless and has exceeded the seas. Despite his young age, Bob’s ambition, hardworking and curiosity classified him as “number one” and “king” social media expert in and outside Lebanon. Bob Jaalouk, the best Lebanese social media expert, studied business administration at Louaize University in Beirut. After his graduation, Bob’s curiosity to dive into the world of social media has urged him to enter such a sophisticated and demanding domain in which he was able to prove himself.

Since 2012, Bob Jaalouk has dedicated his life and efforts for the sake of social media. He was able to delve and gain thorough knowledge along with limitless skills in the field of social media to become one of the youngest and most professional experts known in Lebanon. And after a very short period of time, he was awarded the title of King of Social Media in Lebanon.

Later on, Bob Jaalouk launched his own social media agency in Lebanon, “Two Media”, the kingdom of social agencies, websites and dignitary affairs which grew up then in each Syria, Dubai, Egypt, and Qatar.Bob has worked with over 10,000 social media users and celebrities such as Mohanad Zaiter, Abbas Jaafar, Hisham Haddad, Rabih Gemayel, Wadih El Cheikh, Carla Haddad, Sandra Rizk, Christina Sawaya and many more.“When it comes to Social Media, I have a wide variety of experience. I can manage, verify, marketing, Seo, branding, advertising and do digital marketing your business! I can do anything for your This breadth of experience means that I understand tone and audience very, very well. I can alter my style to fit your specific needs and, more importantly, the needs of your audience. I’m a professional – I know how to work with clients to get them what they want when they want it. I have strong communication skills, great attention to detail, and I always meet my deadlines.”

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