More Heaven: Because Every Child is Special by Dr. Jo Anne White Empowers Children With Special Needs

More Heaven: Because Every Child is Special by Dr. Jo Anne White Empowers Children With Special Needs
Based on a true story, “More Heaven: Because Every Child is Special” follows five children with special needs, and the fortitude of their remarkable teacher, who gives them a chance at learning and life.

Dr. Jo Anne White’s MORE HEAVEN is an empowering work of historical fiction that showcases the complex needs of children with special needs under the guidance of an extraordinary, compassionate teacher named Tina Randolph. The program and book evolved from an experiment in the Philadelphia school system in response to the 1975 Education for the Handicapped Act. The Act ruled that public schools in the US must educate children with disabilities. Previously, many children with special needs were kept home, isolated and denied access to the mainstream. The experiment that began in chaotic, uncharted waters bridges the gap of understanding and paves the way for the inclusionary practices of education and society today for children and adults with special needs.

MORE HEAVEN is based on my own story of working directly with these children to create receptivity, learning and support. In an atmosphere devoid of understanding and acceptance, these children grew, learned and conquered their own fears and struggles. It’s a tribute to them, their families and educators who despite the odds triumphed” says Dr. Jo Anne White. A compassionate visionary, she shares inspiring personal testimony through Tina’s character. 

MORE HEAVEN opens with Tina Randolph, the sole teacher and program coordinator for children with special needs in a school environment that’s unreceptive, doubtful and sometimes hostile of the program’s success, mirroring the cultural and emotional climate toward people with disabilities. Tina’s commitment to reach, teach, and inspire these children is unwavering. By accepting the children’s unique traits, learning their language and participating in their fantasies, she eventually reaches them. The book chronicles Tina and the children’s tireless, daily battle to shift the tide toward the acceptance of people who are different: A battle that continues to rage on, making the messages in MORE HEAVEN that more relevant in today’s challenging and uncertain times.

MORE HEAVEN has received positive reviews from some of the most well-renowned experts, authors, and reviewers around the world. Author, Spiritual Teacher and Actress, Dee Wallace writes, “More Heaven…is about humanity, patience, understanding and the truthfulness that somewhere, deep inside all of us is a brave and creative being. More Heaven is poetically written without losing the grandiose and sometimes heartbreaking subject it addresses: children with Autism. Read it; you will be a better person because you did.” In addition, Sue Urda, Co-Founder Powerful You! Inc. and #1 Bestselling Author writes, “More Heaven is a beautifully written story…from the perspective of a dedicated, pioneer teacher of children with autism and special needs. It offers us a glimpse into the lives and inner world of these children and we feel their pain and their victories- a perfect reminder of how very special each and every child is.

A powerful story of compassion, determination, triumphs, disappointments and love, “More Heaven” is available for sale on Amazon. Readers are encouraged to purchase their copy today:

About the Author

DR. JO ANNE WHITE is an international #1 bestselling, award winning author, speaker and consultant. She’s recognized as a Goodwill Global Ambassador for civil and humanitarian work in education, entrepreneurship, coaching and women’s issues and named a Worldwide Branding Top Female Executive in Professional Coaching by Worldwide Who’s Who. As a certified life, spiritual and business coach, counselor and energy master teacher, she empowers and inspires men, women, families and businesses to achieve greater health and wellness, master success, thrive and triumph. She’s also executive producer and host of the Power Your Life Shows. Doc White has been featured online, in national and international publications such as, Good Housekeeping and WebMD. She’s made frequent guest appearances on radio and television networks such as NBC, CBS, CN8, World Talk Radio and Voice of America sharing her expertise.

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