Creative Life Boutique Announces Multi-Layer Dumpling Storage Box with Anti-Sticky Bottom Structure.

Creative Life Boutique has announced the launch of their new Dumpling Storage Box, a multi-layered container that allows for frozen storage and microwave thawing.

Creative Life Boutique, an online store and supplier of household products, has launched the Dumpling Storage Box. This product is designed to store frozen dumplings and other frozen food items. It uses a multi-layer vacuum structure to keep food fresh and edible for long periods of time without the need for any additional refreezing before eating. The company claims that its product is made from high-quality food grade material, including PP and PE plastic.

The newly released Dumpling Storage Box features a unique design ideal for storing frozen dumplings. The container includes an airtight seal that keeps out moisture and oxygen, preventing freezer burn. The airtight seal makes it easy to thaw dumplings by simply placing the entire container in the microwave. No need to remove each dumpling from its packaging—just put them all together in the container and heat them until they are warm enough for eating!

Dumplings are made with various fillings, from pork to shrimp to chicken and vegetables. Dumplings are popular in China and other Asian countries, especially during holidays or special occasions. Each dumpling is typically wrapped in a thin dough skin. The Dumpling Storage Box keeps the dumplings fresh so that they won’t be soggy or dried out when cooked.

In order to keep dumplings fresh for a longer time, Creative Life Boutique has recently launched a new product called Dumpling Storage. The container features a sealed lid with an airtight seal that locks out air to prevent moisture loss and maintain freshness for extended periods. Each container can hold up to 60 dumplings in a single layer. The material is heat-resistant, so removing them from the container isn’t necessary before cooking or baking.

“We’re glad to be able to provide this simple yet smart product that will make life easier for our customers,” says Creative Life Boutique’s brand manager. “They don’t have to choose between enjoying delicious Chinese food or sticking to their diet—the Dumpling Storage Box offers a convenient way to do both.”

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Creative Life Boutique, a China-based manufacturer and exporter of home products, has launched an innovative new storage box for frozen dumplings. The multi-layer storage box features a special compartment for frozen storage and microwave thawing, making it the perfect solution for busy and health-conscious consumers who want to enjoy the convenience of frozen dumplings on the go.

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