Film Crib Forms Strategic Partnership With Avatary Facegood For 3d Game Development

Film Crib Entertainment Ecosystem have announced a strategic partnership with 3D motion capture technology group Avatary FACEGOOD to develop facial performance motion capture elements for the upcoming Film Crib Original RETROGRESSION game based on the Sci-Fi film IP by Producer/Director Anthony Hayes (GOLD starring Zac Efron).

Retrogression is a Hollywood blockbuster Sci-Fi film trilogy set 400 years in the future and the ecosystem encompasses a P2E game built on Unreal Engine, 3D generated NFT characters from the film as Avatars and the Film Crib virtual streaming platform as part of the RETROGRESSION film franchise eventual release strategy.

Hayes will be creating 3D game content using the FACEGOOD hardware and AVATARY software systems to create hyper realistic, performance-based elements for the narrative gaming experience. 

Hayes said – “Having acted in some of the world’s biggest films over the years and in particular the upcoming Robbie Williams Biopic BETTER MAN, which uses top end motion capture performance technology, FACEGOOD was a revelation. Most filmmakers don’t have access to millions of dollars to capture motion capture for their projects and FACEGOOD provides an economical solution for filmmakers working on smaller budgets. Retrogression is being built as an Original IP from the ground up and the FACEGOOD strategic partnership has allowed us to keep building and creating as we zero in on our first round of equity funding and move towards full scale game development. FACEGOOD is cutting edge motion capture technology that delivers exception quality and easy access to emerging filmmakers, which is exactly what the Indie 3D gaming space needs to truly flourish. It’s the next generation of filmmakers and narrative gaming-based storytellers who will demonstrate the real advances in 3D narrative experiences and FACEGOOD are providing the perfect entry point for those filmmakers working to a budget”

Founder of FACEGOOD Jelo Wang said – “Since the company established 10 years ago, FACEGOOD has grown beyond a 3D basic software company, and focused on the research of 3D animation technology. The company’s product – AVATARY is widely used in the 3D animation field around the world, providing a high-fidelity performance capture pipeline for all 3D content creators inside the Metaverse. Traditional Hollywood 3D firms are good however they are too expensive and geared towards bigger productions. Our idea is to provide the best technology and software to all 3D creators. As a metaverse infrastructure company, metaverse is a very important application field of our technology. This cooperation with Anthony has opened our first shot in this field, and we will increase our investment in the future.”

The Film Crib emerging filmmaker’s platform was launched only a few months ago and plays host to over 100 Award Winning short films from around the world, including 12 Academy Award shorts, Top Tier festivals winners, Horror, Sci-Fi, Drama and Animation. Film Crib has had over 150,000 views in a few months and is proving to be a valuable resource for emerging filmmakers, providing exclusive interviews with world class film practitioners working on the biggest movies and TV shows in the world including AQUAMAN, DAHMER, CRUELLA, SHANTARAM, THE INVISIBLE MAN, REASONABLE DOUBT, UPGRADE, ELVIS, WOLF CREEK, SPECTRE, THOR LOVE AND THUNDER, THE MATRIX, JASON BOURNE and more.

The development process of the entire Retrogression ecosystem, including the game will be documented and released as content on the Film Crib platform, providing valuable technological information for filmmakers and opportunities for brands such as FACEGOOD to introduce their product to the emerging filmmaking and 3D communities. 

The Film Crib virtual cinema chain will be rolled out via strategic Metaverse Partner platforms in early 2023. Bringing outstanding world class content and resources to the Metaverse communities.

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