IEO launch of GFE Global Platform will be a Turning Point for Creative Entrepreneurs

GFE Global is an ecosystem of social smart contracts and user-friendly interfaces that together form a powerful platform for social media, content creation, online dating, gaming and freelancing, all built on the Blockchain. GFE Platform delivers transparency in how its users game, socialize and monetize content and it is a ‘Social first’ platform. The main focus is on dating, gaming, social and spoilt.

Through the social smart contracts feature, creators can crowdfund their works. These contracts specify the conditions of the engagement and the manner in which monies will be dispersed. Without the use of any third party, this technology enables trustless micropayments between parties. By utilizing Blockchain technology, GFE enables creators to provide their followers with greater information about how their money is being spent. Users will be able to receive benefits from the social smart contracts of GFE Global as a GFE token holder. GFE token holders may also obtain the material they want to see as well as earn a dividend on everything you offer by participating in top trending contracts and staking the tokens.

The GFE platform could support a variety of currencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, BNB, DOGE, and USDT. The Spoilt store and other features of the GFE platform accept these currencies. Consider converting some of your currency to GFE tokens for complete functionality and access to SSC features. paying creators for their platform contributions Exclusive pay-to-view content can be produced by creators, giving them the freedom to choose their own pricing points and receive just compensation for their efforts. Using GFE tokens, followers can give their favorite creators direct support. Users can keep more of their earnings with the GFE Global platform. From the start, creators keep 80% of everything they create, with the remaining 20% going to the GFE Platform. The platform donates a portion of its share to the GFE Foundation. The platform offers creators the chance to make money by referring users to it. Each month, the Trailblazer fund distributes freshly created tokens equal to 5% of the referred creator’s revenue. The fund thanks our early adopters for their contribution and works to develop a more long-term strategy for network expansion.

You can bring your followers and achievements to the GFE Global platform. The Metaverse can also be accessed via GFE. As users explore new virtual environments and engage in new gaming endeavours, the badges, reviews, rewards, and GFE tokens will all accompany them. Imagine it as the app you would use while in the Metaverse to discover a gaming partner for a nearby Metaverse game, a date to go to a Metaverse concert with you, or exclusive material created only for you in that virtual environment. Both the GFE Platform and the Metaverse will expand. The main goal of GFE is to honor content producers who produce works they genuinely enjoy. We’re all about expanding the creative envelope and providing additional avenues for you to connect with, follow, and support your favorite content producers.

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