Texas Based Music Company West Division, Now Offers Innovative Funding Solutions To Independent Artists

West Division known for their state-of-the-art distribution software and services, is now helping independent artists reach global success with advanced funding.

West Division Music

The unluckiest thing that most independent artists encounter is the need for more funding, the old adage is true, you have to spend money to make money. Traditionally, music artists would need to be signed to a major label to acquire money advances but in today’s fast paced music industry, major labels aren’t paying much attention to the masses. West Division thought of this problem and came up with the best possible solution. As a leading music distribution platform, that also provides publishing and sync licensing, the company now offers its artists royalty advances up to $500,000. It enables artists to release their music on 100+ major music streaming platforms including Spotify, YouTube Music, and iTunes, to name a few.

What makes West Division stand apart from the others is the advanced funding services that gives artists the ability to pursue their dreams. There are music platforms that provide low-cost music distribution services, but they fail to provide the best productivity tools to the artists. Artists can now release unlimited music at one low cost of only $14.99 annually.

This Music Startup Is Taking Both Hollywood and Silicon Valley by Storm

West Division has an old school approach to the music industry while embracing progressive technologies. The company finds value in artist development, A&R scouting and artist outreach. With many new platforms being introduced in recent years, such as TikTok, there has been an unprecedented serge around the world of independent artists. But 99% of these artists do not have the opportunity that major label performers enjoy. Marketing is very expensive and it’s often a major deterrent to aspiring Hip Hop artists and future Rock stars. West Division is determined to fund the next crop of music prodigy’s and transform them into household names, something Hollywood has seemingly forgotten how to do altogether.

How does the Music Funding work?

The process of getting advance funding from West Division is very easy. It simply requires the artist to sign up for a free account, the artist can then submit an application, which is easily accessible in the artist panel. West Division then reviews the application and may require the artist to provide additional information. If an offer is made and the artist accepts the offer, West Division will then provide them with the funds within 14 days. Finally, all that is required from the artist is to release their tracks through West Division, and the advance will be repaid monthly by the artists through future royalty earnings. It keeps artists far away from financial stress so they can focus on their music.

Official Music Videos

West Division also provides VEVO music video distribution to help musicians maximize their earnings. Becoming a premium Vevo artists gives musicians a way to expand their brand as music videos influence the way consumers see your art. For this reason, it is crucial that an artist focuses on the image that they want their viewers to remember and connect with.

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