Vliegtickets.com discusses the expected 3-times rise in Dutch air passenger tax in 2023.

Airline tickets are about to get much more expensive starting 1st January 2023 for departing passengers.

The Dutch government is set to triple flight tax for departing passengers, making it so that people have to pay almost 30 euros per ticket. These new higher airline ticket prices are expected to come into effect on 1st January 2023. Passengers have previously paid about 8 euros per ticket, which is expected to rise by up to 20 euros come 2023. The Dutch Tax and Customs Administration website shows the departure tax as of 2022 is at 7.947 euros ($8) per passenger.

In a report by the largest Dutch daily newspaper. De Telegraaf, this rise comes as a shock to many travellers. The flight tax hike is a direct result of the government’s environmental efforts and commitments outlined in the coalition agreement. With a few sleeps till the new year, people have been highly anticipating a confirmation or denial of this claim. However, no official statement has been made yet despite growing speculations.

First making an appearance in January 2021, the departure tax is an automatic charge for passengers flying out of Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Enschede, Schiphol, Groningen, Eindhoven and Lelystad. This is just one of the charges passengers in the Netherlands get to pay, and transfer passengers are not required to pay this tax.

De Telegraaf also pointed to the soaring kerosine prices, volatile exchange rates and general inflation as causes for the flight tax hike. For many people, these changes in the flight tax rates put them at a disadvantage for their next trip to Europe.

Is air travel now out of reach?

A triple rise in flight taxes is very high, and many worry about their flying future. Usually, passengers look for ways to get a flight at the minimum possible flight and with an up to 20 euros extra charge; many are at a disadvantage. Despite the rise, travelling on a budget will still be possible for people who know how to find the right air ticket providers.

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