This Single Mom Is Doing Life-Changing Work For Women Around The World Who Have Suffered From Narcissistic Abuse

Tamara Boggio is a Trauma-Informed Narcissistic Abuse Recovery Coach on a mission to help as many women as possible recover from Narcissistic Abuse on every level: Psychologically, Emotionally, Physically and Financially.

Narcissistic abuse is a form of psychological and emotional abuse that can take many forms, from subtle manipulation to outright violence. It occurs when one partner in a relationship uses their power and position to manipulate the other partner using specific behavior patterns in order to get what they want: Control.

This type of abuse has devastating effects on the victim, leaving them feeling confused, embarrassed, ashamed, powerless, and hopeless. Narcissistic abuse can be inflicted upon any person regardless of gender or age. Interestingly, people who are loyal, empathetic, and kind are particularly choice targets for Narcissists. 

When it comes to recovering from narcissistic abuse, it’s important for victims to receive support from those who understand what they have gone through and are able to provide guidance on how best to move forward in their post-abuse life.

Tamara offers trauma-informed narcissistic abuse recovery coaching which gives her clients professional guidance from someone who has actually gone through the process of recovering from this type of abuse as well as having a keen understanding of Narcissistic Abuse patterns and the unique challenges associated with it.

Tamara says her work provides a safe space for survivors to share their story without judgment; validate their experiences; help them establish healthy boundaries within future relationships; provide practical strategies for dealing with triggers and managing emotions; encourage self-care practices; teach coping skills; and assist in safely ending abusive relationships.

Plus, empower clients by teaching them how to trust themselves again so they may gain confidence in making partner decisions going forward in life.

To learn more about Tamara and the life-changing work she does for her clients, just take a look at the FREE masterclass she has created here:

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