Antern founder Ayush’s long-awaited statements for the new year

This 2023, the Ed-Tech Company created by students for students will launch its website to the world: an innovative platform for Machine Learning and Augmented Reality courses.

Born from the brilliant mind of young Ayush Singh, Antern aims to be the leading learning platform disrupting the barriers between technology and youth.

Thousands of young people drop out of school, especially in scientific subjects, because of the mistakes that adults keep repeating in the pedagogy of the 21st century.

The era of master classes, where a teacher sits in the chair without knowing whether all his students follow him, is over.

Young people like fifteen-year-old Ayush, with a keen sense of the complex reality that surrounds us, are aware of how this polyhedral reality is not transmitted in schools, full of boring and overcrowded classrooms, where students sit without getting value from their studies.

In this niche, Antern wants to offer anyone who wants to approach a fascinating world an excellent springboard to the world of work and a great professional opportunity for the future: computer technology.

Two are the first courses:

–        “Become a Machine Learning Professional: From the Basics to Advanced Techniques and Monetizing Your Skills.”

–        “Become an AR Professional: A Comprehensive Course on Augmented Reality.”

Both have already been tested with thousands of students in an innovative pedagogical formula, which rewards those who want to approach IT with real job opportunities. On top of that, with the possibility of earning some money with their first essays.

But who is Ayush Singh?

Class 2007, Ayush is a Data scientist @ Replayed and ML, passionate about education and the content creators’ economy. As a former MLOps engineer at ZenML, Ayush has experience working on fast-growing frameworks. He has also worked on building core NLP solutions at US-based start-up Artifact.

With a clear view of the educational system from the inside, he found Antern, which has quickly become one of the fastest-growing AI-EdTech start-ups, with a 6-figure monthly recurring revenue and successful marketing strategies.

In addition to his work with Antern, Ayush is also writing a book on Machine Learning titled “Core Machine Learning” and runs two popular YouTube channels: “Ayush Singh” and “Antern”. MIT even recommended his course on machine learning on their Twitter page.

With a wealth of experience and passion for technology and education, Ayush Singh is positively impacting this field. With the launch of Antern, he will enable thousands of students to access quality education in a continuously developing sector.

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