Commissioner George Mentz & The GAFM Global Academy of Finance & Management plan to dedicate $101 million in scholarship program benefits over time

On Dec 31st 2022, the GAFM Global Academy of Finance & Management® announced that it is setting aside $10 million in scholarship benefits for 2022 and 2023 to close the educational, social and economic gaps that are legacies of discrimination against historically oppressed ethnicities, veterans, peace officers, and the disabled in the USA, according to news from the GAFM. The GAFM has already donated $10 Million in benefits to those in need over the last few years and the goal is to give $101 million over the next 10 years.

The news from the GAFM CEO, Commissioner George Mentz, included a link to a government report on the history of modern slavery and human trafficking. [i] Mentz is a law professor, philosophy historian & award-winning author and commissioner who is an international lawyer based in Colorado.

The move by Mentz and the GAFM Academy in the USA comes during a wider investigation about the impacts of centuries of discrimination, slavery, and racism against the disabled, African Americans, Native Americans, Sicilians, Hispanics, Latin-Americans, Irish, Scots, veterans, peace officers, and dozens of other marginalized ethnicities in the USA and worldwide.

Being part Sicilian Hispanic Egyptian and Native American, Mentz also revealed a US State Department government document that says that the slavery and human trafficking of Sicilians did not end until June 23rd of 1874.

GAFM is dedicating or pledging $10 Million in lifetime scholarship benefits this year toward e-learning, online education, certification, designations, micro credentials, skills certification, membership status, and fellow status. Mentz said, “If Harvard and Georgetown can do $100 million, I believe I could do more than $101 million in benefits & value over time to the most “qualified students in need” to raise the ethical bar.”

Mentz said, “Ethnicity and the integration of ideas and culture are the bedrock of the USA’s success to deal with global economic structures, and we should consider helping people from all walks of life regardless of race, color, creed, religion, culture, disability, government service, or who they love on a platonic level.” For example, Eurasia has over 100 hundred nations and over five billion people with hundreds of unique and oppressed ethnicities. Similarly, Africa represents over 50 nations and Latin & South America also have over 50 nations. [ii]

Mentz said, “I’m happy to see that Harvard, Georgetown, and other schools have acknowledged the past, and I am delighted to see schools are trying to help students from all ethnicities and everywhere (cities and rural areas around the world) who would normally not have access to “Top Tier” or Top League programs.”

In his statement, GAFM CEO & Commissioner Mentz said his Global Diversity and Ethnicity Committee would explore transforming a $10 million package into an annual program that leads to $101 million in benefits over time. Mentz & the Academy’s governing board may authorize these benefits over time for students in need of assistance. The program would strive to identify the best charities to accept and administer the benefits each year.

While most school programs may only help a few students per year with minority degree benefits, Mentz & GAFM plans to offer a minimum of 1,000 scholarships per year to historically oppressed ethnicities, disabled workers, veterans, peace officers, and those who are have become sober from toxic drugs and alcohol. Mentz said, “We will hopefully have a $10-20 million a year impact helping learners from over one hundred nations worldwide.”

“Jim Crow, slavery, segregation, addiction, and the governmental, political & religious institutions connected to its’ legacies have caused much damage.” Mentz said. “As a European-Sicilian with Egyptian & Levant and Native American DNA ancestry, I find it hard to believe that Sicilians were not free in New York City until the Padrone Act of June 23rd of 1874, [iii] and it is heartbreaking to read these facts on the State Department & government sourced websites.” [iv]

Mentz said, “We are going to direct these scholarships to be available to charities that can help those deserving folks in need, but we are also going to put a priority on the residents of the USA to make sure we help people at home with skills, e-learning, designations, micro credentials, certifications and the best online education in the world to keep the USA competitive and creative. The Mentz Family Charities Programs are immensely proud of serving the National and International communities with these scholarship opportunities.

The GAFM Global Academy of Finance and Management® has various accreditations and certification program recognitions – The GAFM and CHEA have recognized standards and the CHEA quality agreements. The GAFM Certification Board is European ESQ Accreditation Agency Recognized and ISO 9001 Certified for Quality and an ISO 21001 Certified Educational Body. GAFM is recognized by articulation with The ACBSP National Business Accreditation Agency for Certification Standards worldwide in a legal agreement. The CHEA Accreditation Body and GAFM® Board of Standards are in a standards articulation agreement for several years now. The GAFM has also been in a diplomatic agreement with the Arab League’s Arab Academy for over 20 Arab Nations for over a decade.

For more information, contact the GAFM or Commissioner George Mentz JD MBA CWM MPM – Counselor of Law USA Mentz is one of the few Americans to have ever achieved a Doctor of Jurisprudence, and MBA, and a CILS International Law Cert. Mentz is the author of over 60 books and audio books, and Mentz has taught and designed a record-breaking 300+ courses in the last 20 years. Mentz has been awarded honorary doctorates, honorary professsorships and has won various other teaching and book awards.


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