Wendy Lewis LLC Launches AllySHIFT® Episode 1 in Kansas City, MI

Wendy Lewis LLC Launches AllySHIFT® Episode 1 in Kansas City, MI
Diversity, equity, and inclusion practice firm, Wendy Lewis LLC., announces the launch of AllySHIFT®, a progressive and seismic platform for advocacy and sustainable equity

Chicago, IL – Wendy Lewis and the team at Wendy Lewis LLC are taking their advocacy for diversity, equity and inclusion a notch higher with the launch of AllySHIFT® Episode 1 on Friday November 11, 2022, from 8:30AM to 5:30PM and Saturday November 12, 2022 at the THANKS A MILLION, BUCK” Hall of Fame Gala at the Negro League Baseball Museum (NLBM) 1616 East 18th Street, Kansas City, Missouri.

“AllySHIFT® is a progressive pathway from MOMENTS to MOVEMENTS. It is a seismic mindset shift to become more activist than advocate for the purpose of achieving measurable results for outcomes for cultural transformation and sustainable equity. We are thrilled to be in Kansas City at this most amazing time to launch AllySHIFT® Episode 1 and participate in the recognition and celebration of the life and legacy of Buck O’Neil at NLBM. Buck, Bob Kendricks, President of the NLBM and the NLBM Organization truly exemplify the spirt of being an ally” said Wendy Lewis, CEO of Wendy Lewis, LLC.

The conversations surrounding diversity, equity and inclusion have become louder, as individuals and organizations seek their purpose, promotion, and adoption of  social change and equity. Consequently, Wendy Lewis LLC aims to further the “DEI” practice and address it from different angles, with the launch of AllySHIFT®.

AllySHIFT® has been created as a platform for “everyone who supports leveling upwards and for those who aspire to stand straight in crooked rooms.” AllySHIFT® Episode 1 will feature a live virtual fire-side chat with NIKOLE HANNAH-JONES, The Pulitzer Prize-winning creator of The 1619 Project, staff writer at The New York Times Magazine, Knight Chair of Race and Journalism at Howard University, and co-founder of the Ida B. Wells Society for Investigative Reporting.  Ms. Hannah-Jones will share her wealth of knowledge and experience with guests and participants. Other speakers include subject matter experts and influencers who will address matters related to Economics, Education and Environment. The packed event will also include the fun and festivities of the THANKS A MILLION, BUCK” Hall of Fame Gala on November 12th, honoring the legend’s induction into the National Baseball League’s Hall of Fame, 16 years after missing by one vote.

For further information about AllySHIFT® Episode 1 and how you or your group can attend,  register here:  AllySHIFT® Registration.

About AllySHIFT®

AllySHIFT® was founded by executive consultant and founder of Wendy Lewis LLC., Wendy Lewis, as a progressive and seismic platform for advocacy and sustainable equity. Wendy is considered an evangelist for life, liberty and the pursuit of equity, with a reputation for building action through intelligence, diplomacy, trust, and consensus-building. At Major League Baseball, she was the first to hold a formal Human Resources Management role within professional sports as the head of HR for the Chicago Cubs. She was then promoted to MLB’s Commissioner’s Office, where she was eventually named the SVP, Diversity & Strategic Alliances, and implemented diversity and inclusion platforms across the league and its properties.  She went on to become the Global Chief Diversity Officer and Vice President of Community Engagement for McDonald’s Corporation, where she was responsible for guiding the company’s global “Diversity IS Inclusion” efforts.  Her firm, Wendy Lewis LLC is a Diversity, Equity & Inclusion practice whose focus is empathetic leadership and “allyship sustainability”.

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