Ribbley Introduces World’s First Luxury Tennis and Squash Bags with USB Charging Ports

Ribbley Introduces World’s First Luxury Tennis and Squash Bags with USB Charging Ports
A limited pre-sale reservations for the sought-after luxury tennis & squash bag has begun. The first batch – manually sewed, genuine leather and organic wool pieces with USB charging ports – will hit the market in the first quarter of 2023.

The market of tennis and squash bags is dominated by mass produced, sportswear style items. Brightly colored, heavily branded designs made of plastic are not appropriate for everyone. When sport is a part of an active lifestyle, between work, meetings and other passions, there is often a need for more stylish and casual accessories.

“Ribbley is a brand created by and for people who recognize subtle significance of high quality accessories and appreciate traditional tailoring. We make luxury materials, durability, and timeless, minimalist elegance available also for tennis lovers. Because, as a sport steeped in tradition and style, tennis just deserves more!”

According to declarations by Bartosz Krawczyk, the CEO of Ribbley, the brand doesn’t seem to compromise on quality, starting with materials. The bag is sewn out of genuine calf leather from world-renowned European tanneries, which guarantees extraordinary durability and smooth surfaces. The outer layer consists of luxury Italian fabrics, made of organic wool from certified (RWS) Merino sheep farms, with polyester addition for greater resistance to moisture and stretching.

In terms of design, the bag maintains a traditional, rocket-shaped form, and yet it doesn’t have a distinctly sporty feel. Its casual, elegant look is the merit of refined materials, but especially – of the interesting, big leather pouches with buckle fastenings on both sides of the bag. The main storage is provided by two pockets for rockets, apparel and shoes. The waterproof lining in one of them, which secures wet towels or clothes, is a very well thought out addition. 

Ribbley definitely stands out from other sportswear bags with design and materials, but even more with one useful modern detail that cannot be found in competition: in one of the pockets, there is a USB charging port for mobile phones and other devices.

The brand confirms durability of the bag with 4 years warranty and has prepared a special offer for those who will reserve one of the limited pieces now. A substantial discount of $200 and a custom laser engraving, which needs to be done before sewing. The offer is available on Ribbley’s website.

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Ribbley is a European, craftsmanship brand of luxury accessories that cultivates traditional tailoring. It has gained wide recognition as a producer of elegant, leather wallets with a touch of modern technology.

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