Imperial Security Provides Highly Trained Security Guards in Vancouver

Imperial Security, a well-known security services company in Canada, provides skilled and professional security guards for businesses, hotels, malls, private properties, and other commercial establishments.

Imperial Security, Vancouver-based security services company, offers top-notch security services to various industries. Whether residential or commercial, the company handles the security concerns of all its clients. They offer advanced security services to every client to keep them protected 24/7. Besides guarding buildings, Imperial Security also offers bike and foot patrolling services for better access control and surveillance. Their vehicles are equipped with GPS trackers and dashcams to provide quick responses and evidence in case of any crime.

In a digital interview, Imperial Security’s spokesperson said, “At Imperial Security, most of our security guards have worked for different businesses for several years. So, they are experienced and also aware of the corporate procedures and different locations in Canada. Imperial Security goes above and beyond to ensure that its 24-hour foot patrols have the advanced equipment and training necessary to meet clients’ security needs. We are a pioneer when it comes to providing guards with particular equipment they need to do their duties well. We provide our guards with the latest tools and technologies to ensure they offer the best security services to the clients.”

In the locations where the company operates, from the cities of Calgary and Edmonton in Alberta to British Columbia’s Lower Mainland, Imperial Security stands out among other security firms thanks to its combination of skilled private security guards and great client assistance. Being the top security guard company in Edmonton, Imperial Security also conducts mobile patrols in high-profile vehicles, in addition to foot patrols. The mere sight of these cars serves as a deterrent to crime since it alerts would-be offenders to the fact that they are being observed by a company with well-established security procedures.

The spokesperson also mentioned, “Every Imperial Security guard uses a mobile app that enables notes and incident reports to be filed in real-time, helping to hold them accountable and give clients the information they require. With the use of the app, security guards may take notes and fill incident reports while working on the ground. The notes are geotagged with location information to support verbal statements of what occurred and when. Our security guards always remain proactive when offering security services. Hence, many clients trust our security services company in Surrey, Vancouver, Edmonton, and other cities.”

Imperial Security always stays ahead of its competitors because they are always well-equipped with the latest technology and provide prompt reporting to the clients. Thanks to an advanced mobile app and other latest security tools, the company’s security guards can offer instant reports of certain incidents, particularly of a crime scene. This results in a more trustworthy report when events do occur. Real-time reporting results provide clients with the reliable information needed to identify and pursue any security breaches that occur by serving as both an electronic record and an eyewitness account. Those seeking reliable security services in Vancouver can contact Imperial Security now.

About Imperial Security

Imperial Security offers highly skilled and experienced security guards in Vancouver, Canada. The company has a team of professionals and more than 25 years of experience to offer superior security services. The security staff members of Imperial Security are integrated to provide complete security solutions to businesses, individuals, and organizations as per their requirements.

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Imperial Security

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Phone: 1-877-221-2333 / 604-231-9973 (British Columbia head office) / 403-263-1844 (Calgary) / 780-242-9973 (Edmonton)

Email: [email protected]


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