Democratize the Hotel Service “Ayasan” – 1 Stop Home Service Platform Is Expanding Into ASEAN

Due to the obvious growing number of dual-income households, consumer demand for residential cleaning services is increasing at a rapid pace. With such rapid growth in demand, the market is seeing an increase in the number of professional residential cleaners. Allergies, as a pressing health concern (Covid-19), continue to be one of the primary drivers of rising demand for home cleaning services.


The industry’s growth is also augmented by notable expansion of the healthcare sector and the rising geriatric population. Seniors who need assistance with daily routine and healthcare needs are unable to clean their homes. These elderly people often rely on providers of cleaning services for their homes. The phenomenal growth exhibited by the home cleaning services industry can also be credited to continuous expansion of the commercial real-estate sector. The need for consistent care and cleaning for commercial properties is presenting massive business opportunities for cleaning service providers.

Ayasan as a part of the cleaning service industry and the no. 1 one-stop service for cleaning and provides many household services for clients in Thailand and other countries, including Laos, Indonesia, and Vietnam. With a professional Bangkok-based on-demand home service provider (maid,nanny,seinor-care, pet-care). Kotaro Ise, Chief Executive of Ayasan said the company is ready to offer users the chance to find professional maids, nannies, and pet sitters with a faster process at their fingertips through the Ayasan Application. Currently, it has over 50,000 users per month. from personal to company. Only in Thailand, Ayasan has successfully completed over 30,000 matches, over 50,000 registered candidates (the industry’s largest number of registered candidates), and over 300 corporate clients.


What makes us special is our relentless drive for excellence. We have developed knowledge and processes over the years to fine-tune every single aspect of this area. And we are focused on training our people to perform cleaning in a superior way under the Japanese standard. All clients will receive the best experience both before and after service.

And, most recently, the company has an “Ayasan Application” through which anyone can hire a maid, nanny, or other service with the touch of a finger at a reasonable price and with a Japanese standard of cleaning and service. Currently, we are focusing on serving customers in the Bangkok area. and the main vicinity by Japanese executives.


Using Ayasan’s maid application is very easy; just fill in the user profile and select the desired service. The company’s customer service will contact you immediately. Ayasan employees are trained, experienced, and have had their work histories and personal information verified by the company, so that service users can be confident that Maids and other service staff at Ayasan can be trusted. and meet the standards of Japan, receiving excellent service after using the service.

Such as “Por-Natthawut Skidjai,” a well-known Thai actor who has long employed Ayasan maids. “Thank you, Ayasan Service, for taking care of housekeepers for my family for a long time.” or a Japanese customer like “Itano Masayoshi” said, “Ayasan always sends an efficient maid to my place.” already used several times and want to use in the future too. Highly recommended.”

Another good reasons for hiring maid and Ayasan Service including “Bring Peace of Mind”. Not very long ago, companies requested that cleaners stay behind the scenes, cleaning at night or on weekends so as not to disrupt normal work activities. Now, some companies request daytime cleaning because it gives employees and customers peace of mind to see professional cleaning crews at work. It makes people feel safe and shows that companies care about their people. To Your Health”. In addition to providing peace of mind, daytime cleaning can actually be good for your health. Since 2020, the cleaning industry has been held to higher standards and a broader purpose. In addition to helping prevent the spread of COVID-19, a regular cleaning and disinfection program can also help prevent the spread of other illnesses and lower risk for employees who suffer from allergies and asthma by reducing the amount of dust and other environmental hazards in the workplace.

Although the risk of infection from viruses on a surface is relatively low in most situations, it does exist. Crowded offices, busy retail establishments, and public buildings may necessitate more frequent cleanings, such as an evening clean and a midday wipe-down of high-touch areas like doorknobs, elevators, phones, and bathrooms. Professional commercial cleaning companies can advise their clients on the most efficient schedule to meet their specific needs while remaining within their budget.


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