This Man Is A Savior For Childcare Businesses

The struggles of running a childcare business have been amplified in the past 18 months, which has seen more than 17,000 daycares close down due to the pandemic. Now, with continued fear of another recession looming, many wonder what will become of the remaining 856,000 childcare businesses nationwide.

For those that do manage to remain afloat amidst the turbulence of financial insecurity, it’s imperative for them to make use of strategies that can help reduce their tax liabilities and increase their revenue.

David Encarnacion has taken it upon himself to make sure that childcare owners are provided with the best chance at success by offering them access to accounting services and education on how they can better manage their finances.

Through his efforts, many childcare owners have been able to lower their tax liabilities by tens of thousands of dollars and drastically increase their income through more effective money management tactics.

Not only is this providing them with much needed financial relief during these trying times but it’s also freeing up invaluable time that would otherwise be spent on dealing with tedious administrative tasks so they can focus more on running and growing their business.

It’s understandable why so many daycare owners feel overwhelmed when having to bear such heavy responsibility for other people’s children while simultaneously needing to take on all the administrative duties related to managing a business.

That’s why David Encarnacion has dedicated himself to helping daycare owners gain a better understanding of profit/loss statements and provide them with adequate education so they know exactly where they stand financially; knowledge which in turn gives them a sense of control over their business decisions as well as an increased level of confidence in tackling larger expenses such as purchasing equipment or even expanding into additional centers.

Fortunately for those who seek assistance from David and his team, they will not only learn valuable techniques for reducing tax liability and increasing revenues – but also receive support from someone who understands the full weight being shouldered by those in this line of work every single day.

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