Bhargav makes headway as a top cybersecurity expert and gaming content creator in India

Bhargav is a jack of all trades. He is a gamer and cybersecurity expert who’s taking social media by storm as one of the youngest Indian experts in the industry.

It takes a specific type of person to play video games for a living. However, for people who do, the benefits are plentiful – fame, fortune, and, most importantly, an exceedingly high level of skill. Bhargav Bantaya, an Indian gaming content creator, remains a force to be reckoned with in the global gaming scene.

Now an established gaming content creator, Bhargav started making headway in the global scene by receiving payouts and seven digits.

With the global gaming market expected to reach $250+ billion from 2022 to 2025, YouTube gaming personalities have become vital for most gaming firms and brands, making the field a lucrative space for the younger generation. 

Based on a report by Statista, there were over 400 million gamers in India in 2021 alone. This brings a clear picture of the scope of the gaming world for gamers, even on the professional front.

An engineer by profession, Bhargav earlier found his calling in the world of the internet through his gaming talent. For him, gaming content, regarded as one of the most consumed online content categories, inspired thousands of young gamers to step up their content creation and find out their niches. 

Gaming content creation is a way to carve out a name and legacy on social media today. Gaming content creators are in huge competition with each other to establish the most entertaining gaming videos out there. Luckily, many things continue to inspire me to push further in this field,” Bhargav shares.

For Bhargav, it’s always important to have a winning mindset at the onset. It is rare to get “second chances” in the industry, said Bhargav, so individuals looking to stand out should always do their best to thrive and stay afloat in the competition. 

Aside from gaming, Bhargav is also carving out his own name in the cybersecurity industry. As a cybersecurity expert, he has worked with teams to protect the integrity of a brand or business’ network and data.

In a digitally virtual world, almost everything is available online, boosting cases of unethical cyber hacking and cyber-attacks. Bhargav says this is where cyber security comes into the picture. India’s cyber security field is worth almost $11 billion and growing at a significant rate each year.

Bhargav believes experience is the most vital requirement for any job, including cybersecurity. He tells aspiring cybersecurity professionals that there is no substitute for on-the-job and real-world experience. People must get experience in the field, where they can grow, learn, and develop hands-on security skills. 

Those who want to collaborate with Bhargav Bantaya may send a direct message right away to get started. Others who wish to learn more about Bhargav Bantaya may visit his website at or follow his social channels for more information.

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