GCG Global consumer goods trading wants to expand into China

The signs point to continued growth for the German wholesaler of sweets and beverages.

According to media reports, the focus is now on expanding business in Asia. Discussions with Chinese partners are apparently ongoing. As in the other foreign markets, the strategy is controlled from Germany.

GCG Trading is looking for a partner in China. This is reported unanimously by several media, citing insiders. German society is apparently in talks about this, but these are still at an early stage. A joint venture with a Chinese trading agency for the sale of popular FMCG products is conceivable, they say. The Chinese market is growing strongly and opens up considerable potential.

China’s government has gradually relaxed the restrictions. For a long time, foreign companies were only allowed to act as junior partners in a joint venture. Since 2015, foreign companies have been able to set up their own branches, so-called Wholly Foreign-owned Enterprises (WFOE). Nevertheless, a long presence in the People’s Republic and a partnership with a local institute are important prerequisites for successful sales.

However, the number of potential partners in China is becoming scarce. Many wholesalers have already tried to gain a foothold in the People’s Republic and enter into partnerships with local players.

A preparation time of three months is considered internally to be feasible for the opening of a new store, with active sales to begin in eight weeks.

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