100 Days of Learning: Agile Project Management for Web3 Projects

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Starting on January 5, 2023, as part of the ‘100 Days of Learning’ campaign at Program Strategy HQ, a series of 100 blogs will be published, one every day. These 100 blog posts will cover all fundamental project and program management concepts and methodologies. This blog will provide an overview of upcoming blogs and provide guidance on how to engage more effectively and maximize your learning.

Prominent Agile frameworks would be discussed first, followed by planning domain, execution domain, delivery domain, web3 startups, and web3 project management (PM) resources. These 100 blogs will provide Project Management fans with a full understanding of the theory and practical insights wherever required. As a refresher on fundamentals and for anyone wishing to enter web3 space, these blogs will also be valuable to experienced professionals.

Each blog will cover a concept in detail with the basic definition, elaboration on the topic, use cases and applications, recommended readings, references and links to related concepts.

Introduction Section

Here, we cover topics such as what is blockchain? and some fundamentals to begin with to provide a high-level understanding of the technical concepts, required for managers. Following a discussion of prominent blockchains such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, few major projects such as Decentraland, Opensea, BanklessDAO etc will be covered. To better grasp the landscape and project management function, an introduction to the fundamental responsibilities of Product Manager vs. Project Manager, Scrum Master, and a Web3 Project Manager will be presented. 

Agile Frameworks

The majority of web3 companies today use an agile approach to develop products and services for this rapidly changing industry. In this section, we will examine Agile, Scrum, Kanban, etc. principles and frameworks. A blog would also cover Agile at Scale, which is necessary when the number of teams increases and agile frameworks at the team level must be adapted to scale. Following an introduction to Design Thinking models, concepts such as product life cycle stages and product road mapping best practices will be discussed. 

Planning Domain

In this section, blogs would explore various lifecycle approaches, how to identify stakeholders, and the creation of project initiation documents such as the business case. The teams will discuss several planning meetings, including sprint planning and release planning to develop and release web3 products effectively. Through the use of user stories and estimate and prioritisation techniques, certain blogs aid in gathering requirements more effectively. Project planning is a crucial part that serves as guidance for all subsequent activities.

Execution Domain

In this section, blogs will examine alternative development strategies, how to work with agile teams, and numerous management principles pertaining to risk, dependencies, resources, scheduling among others. To ensure that everyone is aligned on the status and next steps, we will review metrics and reporting‘ industry best practices. During project execution, managing conflicts, building truct and relationships, all play a crucial role to program success.

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Delivery Domain

Software delivery is the complete process of delivering a software product to customers, beginning with its conception, and continuing through development until release and deployment. Blogs in this section will be related to stakeholder engagement, various failure modes in project and program management, audits and compliance requirements, procurement basics and topics like how to close a project successfully.

Web3 Startups

This section is exclusively meant for web3 startups on how to set up a PMO group, how to standardize the processes, project management practices for startups etc. We will also explore some project management tools which are widely used in web3 and DAOs for manage projects and collaborate with teams. Some of the anti-patterns is startup team members would also be discussed which can be counter productive to effective team formation.

Web3 PM Resources

As a project manager, it is important to continuously educate yourself and stay up to date with the latest trends and best practices in the industry. Topics cover good reads on web 3.0, engineering practices, and project management. Additionally, project management certifications are discussed to enhance your expertise and career prospects. PM interview questions, tools such as Jira and basics of community management would also be touched upon. Finally, how to build on executive presence, or the ability to communicate and lead effectively, which is crucial for PMs will be shared.

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