New Approach to Eliminate Public Speaking Fear in Reesa Woolf PhD’s Revolutionary New Handbook

New Approach to Eliminate Public Speaking Fear in Reesa Woolf PhD's Revolutionary New Handbook

For many the fear of public speaking is a lifelong struggle that holds them back from achieving their goals.

The self-doubt and anxiety can be overwhelming, making it difficult to express themselves, especially in large or important groups.

“I admire people who capture and hold attention each time they speak.  How do they do that?”

Reesa Woolf PhD, International TED Talk Trainer, is an expert in demystifying and eliminating the fear of public speaking. She has written an inventive and original handbook that teaches, in simple steps, exactly how to become an effective public speaker.

It addresses:

What to Do If I Make a Mistake?

What if I Don’t Know the Answer?

What if I Lose My Place?

This simple and profound book is written in a gentle style and includes 45-Tips to Eliminate Public Speaking Fear. Woolf understands the triggers that make people anxious before presenting and provides practical, proven solutions to every one.

While other books on the topic may teach individuals how to ignore or cover up the symptoms of their fears, Woolf’s handbook eliminates these fears forever

” I believe that giving people the self-confidence to speak up and share their ideas will positively impact the world.” – Reesa Woolf PhD

“Mr. Bear Speaks Without Fear” is an easy-to-follow guide that is full of proven, practical solutions to speak easily in every situation.

* This book is a refreshing and important resource for anyone looking to improve their public speaking skills. 

Reesa Woolf PhD has 30-years of experience preparing CEOs and their teams to Speak with Confidence. She has developed individuals around the globe with her new approach to public speaking. Her passion for helping people share their ideas is evident in this masterpiece of inspired writing.

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