California Therapy Services Leads In-Home Physical Therapy Services in Southern California

This therapist-owned company shares the benefits of having a physical therapist come to treat a patient in their own home rather than the clinic.

Scheduling a physical therapy session in a clinic has been a serious challenge since the global pandemic in 2020. Since then, home visits have become more acceptable because of their convenience, safety, and quicker access to care.

“Undoubtedly the healthcare model is trending towards more home-based treatments and we’re positioned perfectly in a very important market to help a lot of people,” said a spokesperson from California Therapy Services, an in-home physical therapy practice in Southern California.

In doing our research we found that even in California, where over 23,000 physical therapists are employed, patients often have to wait three weeks to get an appointment in an outpatient clinic. “Without the constraints of office space we’ve been able to evaluate patients in one to two days in most cases,” added the spokesperson from California Therapy Services.

Besides the difficulty of quick access we learned in many clinics a patient is only seen by the physical therapist for 10-15 minutes and has the rest of their treatment with an unlicensed aide. In-home physical therapy always ensures there’s one-on-one treatment with a licensed therapist for the entire session.

Since 2014, California Therapy Services has completed over 100,000 visits with patients and is currently partnered with over 200 home health agencies. Their rapidly growing staff currently consists of several hundred therapists treating patients throughout Southern California.

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About California Therapy Services

California Therapy Services is the leading home health provider of physical, occupational, and speech therapy services in Southern California. It provides services to individuals and home health agencies to fulfill its mission to improve patient’s health and function through research-guided and compassionately provided therapy.

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