Infinity Games Launches Gaming Blockchain Ecosystem

04 January, 2023 – Novi Sad, Serbia – Infinity Games newly developed a blockchain protocol that allows the transfer of NFTs from one application or game to another. Their unique proposal is that those assets are attached to the graphical models, which means that every NFT will have the same look and feel across different applications in the ecosystem. Infinity Heroes will be launching in 2023 Q1 as the first game in the Infinity Games ecosystem. It is set to be the most tactical auto-battler crypto game. They have reimagined and developed an entirely innovative experience for gamers that’s the first in the market and most unique platform.

Infinity Heroes game is set out to be on the blockchain gaming ecosystem that will have an ever growing metaverse. Users can develop their own hero in that game, and use that same hero in the card collecting game. The possibilities are countless due to their infrastructure for developing and playing blockchain games. All game dev studios that will join their ecosystem will share graphical models of all assets in the ecological community.


“You have probably seen countless new metaverse worlds. They are functioning, but they are lifeless. They are not utilizing the true power of blockchain technology. They are missing quality content. Now, imagine that you are connecting a different kind of metaverses on that lifeless metaverse, let’s call it the lobby. You can connect different games, social metaverse worlds, or any kind of app. When users are connected to our Infinity Games metaverse they can use their assets in that different worlds or games. And they have the same look and feel.” – Srdjan Vukmirovic, CEO & Founder.

The problems with the current gaming market structure — to name a few — is that P2E is dead, many games don’t have sustainable long term growth and most games really aren’t that fun. Now, with Infinity Games, not only can you own your fun — but they have universally solved the entire Metaverse user experience. This has been successfully concluded by having the ability of users to move their assets from one to another game within their ecosystem.

Think of our unique marketplace as the “Web3 combination of Unity store and Steam.” It will be an organic and ever-growing metaverse with independent gaming developing studios contributing and cooperating.

Infinity Games believes in collaboration over competition, and our product proves that.

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