Abu Dhabi Police GHQ reaches the Diamond status for the HBC Executive Award on behalf of Brigadier Khalfan Almansoori and the HBC Organizational Award

Abu Dhabi, UAE – On November 10, 2022, the second cycle of the HBC 2022 International Awards ended. There are countless applications received this year, and the number of requests seems to be growing from time to time. Of the 5,000 documents obtained, only 531 fully met the Harvard Business Council criteria. Of these, 60 were successful.

Abu Dhabi Police GHQ provides police services to the public in various ways and tools; one of the most significant ways is the internet. In recent years, they have implemented an efficient registration system that allows citizens to be more aware of traffic profile-sensitive information and enable them to perform some transactional services instead of going to the traffic department. 

It has successfully applied for two categories: the Executive Award on behalf of Brigadier Khalfan Almansoori and the Organizational Award, reaching the Diamond status for both.

The highest status conferred to Brigadier Khalfan Almansoori, the Director of the Center for Strategy and Institutional Development, for the Executive Award derives from his longstanding expertise and desire to make a difference. He joined Abu Dhabi Police General Headquarters in 1999, and since then, he has kept advancing through the managerial ranks and into authority. The Brigadier’s vision focuses on a professional level, which aims to achieve leadership and excellence in supporting the decision-making of Abu Dhabi Police GHQ, and personal level, aiming to excel in all areas of his life, family, and career. In addition, he has been highly involved in the direction and improvement of the institution through projects like the Safe City System, a technical system based on big data analysis and artificial intelligence in the criminal, traffic, and security fields, which helped Abu Dhabi Police reach 7 of its strategic goals and more than 10 of its strategic indicators. These are just a few examples of the Brigadier’s remarkable achievements. 

As for the Organizational Award, Abu Dhabi Police GHQ set an example for other institutions due to its readiness to respond to adversities. For instance, during the pandemic, they implemented various services to ensure business continuity, like the Amanati service for inmates of penal and correctional centers and the smart service of renewing licenses. In addition, leaders apply a governance framework based on five principles of governance (transparency, integrity, fairness, responsibility, and accountability) and ensure its application through ten processes within the process framework (i.e., quality management and excellence, ensuring compliance with laws, enhancing community trust, providing a safe and secure work environment, and delivering supply and storage, personnel management, information security).

Harvard Business Council believes that Abu Dhabi Police GHQ is an admirable example of what can be done to protect the citizens, thus allowing the country to evolve and grow steadily. Further, Abu Dhabi Police GHQ demonstrates that rigorous and methodical practices can add tremendous value to the growth process.

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