A New Skincare Line Made From Plants For Sensitive Skin & Eczema

Only You Skincare is an innovative new line of skincare products developed by Moriah Johnson, a young black cosmetic chemist focused on sensitive skin and eczema.

After years of breakouts from mainstream beauty products that caused flare ups and allergic reactions, this cosmetic chemist set out to create a line specifically focused for people with similar issues.

The idea for the brand began when MJ’s 6 month-old niece Lavi had an unfortunate steroid withdrawal from an eczema cream. In response, the chemist crafted a plant-based cream to soothe her inflamed skin, beginning the journey of Only You Skincare.

This story quickly caught the attention of British Vogue MagazineTM, and soon after, customers with similar problems were clamoring for their own ‘Steroid-Free, Vegan Anti Flare-Up Cream’.

The success of this product is mainly due to its effectiveness as well as its unique combination of edible ingredients derived from traditional Caribbean herbalist techniques and quality time spent in quarantine making skincare with family–namely, the chemist’s 2 younger sisters, Ashley (18), Halle (15), and 3 year-old niece Lexi.

With children using these products too, it was essential for only clean food grade ingredients to be used; after researching various ingredients, it became clear many were harmful and not suitable for children. The development process also required thorough testing on both adults and children alike in order to ensure safety in addition to efficacy.

The result is a line that truly caters to all members of the family–More importantly, customers report long-term relief from various skin conditions without having to resort back to steroid creams.

This success has been recognized by British Vogue MagazineTM who featured Only You Skincare’s Steroid-Free Vegan Eczema Collection in their spring beauty 2022 magazine as part of Black History Month celebrations. 

Only You Skincare provides an innovative solution for those suffering from problematic skin who are looking for a natural option that still offers effective relief without relying on steroids or other potentially harmful ingredients–all produced through a unique blend of herbalism inspired by Caribbean culture combined with modern chemistry techniques.

Only You Skincare aims to open the first skincare bar and spa catered to sensitive skin and eczema for adults and children in Brooklyn, NY.

Shop And Donate To Only You Skincare’s: Skincare Bar & Spa Fundraiser Here: https://onlyyouskincare.com/

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