5TH WHEEL Debuts New Line of Smart Travel Products at the 2023 International Consumer Electronics Show

5TH WHEEL is now proudly presenting more than 20 of its smart travel products at the renowned Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Nevada. With this endeavor, 5TH WHEEL aims to tap deeper into the US market and further solidify its reputation as a premier provider of smart travel vehicles and products at a global scale.

Ever since the pandemic, global trends have shifted towards fitness, which is causing an increasing amount of people to invest in fitness gear, gym memberships, workout programs etc. However, due to the fast paced modern lifestyle, most people don’t have the time for a comprehensive workout routine. 5TH WHEEL has now created a multi-category series of smart travel tools that can help people get in their daily workout while commuting. In the past, 5TH WHEEL’s leading tech solutions and user-friendly designs have garnered notable attention in the market. Now, 5TH WHEEL is debuting its line of smart travel products at the International Consumer Electronics Exhibition (CES), which will be held in Las Vegas, USA from January 5 to 8, 2023.

Putting Constant Efforts into R&D, 5TH WHEEL Offers Significant Benefits 

5TH WHEEL is a smart travel brand under Invanti, which focuses on a series of smart electric vehicles, including electric bikes, electric scooters, self balance scooters, etc. Working on with the mission to help users ‘follow your heart and enjoy the journey’, 5TH WHEEL products are user centric and aim to merge the world of outdoor travel and indoor fitness into one enjoyable activity.

5TH WHEEL is highly proactive about putting in the needed research and development in order to create truly high-tech and integrated smart travel products. Under the Invanti umbrella, 5TH WHEEL has been able to collaborate with domestic manufacturers and international suppliers both. This has allowed 5TH WHEEL to populate the market with highly unique, state-of-the-art travel products. With the company having procured more than 100 patented technologies, 5TH WHEEL actively deploys more than 30 core patented technologies for the production of its ebikes and other travel products. Due to Invanti’s focus on product quality and technological development, the company has been able to collaborate with high-profile brands in various fields. Invanti recently entered a strategic partnership with Lenovo and became its only supplier of short-term transportation products. Invanti and 5TH WHEEL will continue to collaborate with noteworthy brands and lead the future of smart travel with innovation and creativity.

Highly Intelligent and Interactive Smart Travel Products That Are Favored By The Market

Highly efficient and intelligent 5TH WHEEL products, such as the D1 electric fitness bike, are redefining the urban traveling experience. The D1 electric bike unlocks new possibilities for the users by offering two different modes: one for tactile outdoor cycling, and one for indoor fitness. The AI powered power assist feature allows users to optimize the riding experience according to the travel conditions. Riders can opt for the fully electric mode without pedals, or choose the fitness mode which incorporates pedaling for steady exercise.

Being compact in size, the vehicle features a refined design crafted with aviation-grade magnesium-aluminum alloy. This creates a lightweight body, which makes riding a more comfortable and seamless experience. In addition to enhanced performance, 5TH WHEEL has also designed the bike with a three-stage folding body that makes storage and transportation easy. Being fitted with a fitness bracket, the bike offers an immersive and customizable indoor fitness experience. Supporting smartphone connectivity, 5TH WHEEL vehicles are able process intelligent operational commands and analyze the riders’ fitness data, while also offering accessibility functions such as call reminders, navigation and more. Working on the basis of the AICA self-developed algorithm, 5TH WHEEL ebikes can adapt to multiple road conditions and quickly correct the bike’s riding mode for maximum comfort and efficiency. Furthermore, the vehicles are also fitted with long-lasting batteries for an extended and uninterrupted riding period.

5TH WHEEL Is Introducing Its New Smart Travel Experience Internationally 

The coveted International Consumer Electronics Show has become a conduit for global electronics companies to release new products, while also displaying new technologies and concepts. With the show having notable influence in the consumer electronics industry, 5TH WHEEL is showcasing more than 20 products at the show. Each product reflects the level of technology and user experience that 5TH WHEEL is offering in the field of urban intelligent travel. 5TH WHEEL already has an independent overseas sales team, and its products are exported and sold in Europe, Asia, America and other places. After the CES, 5TH WHEEL will be able to further expand into the global market. This will bring the company one step closer to creating an all-round international development pattern, while delivering innovative and durable product concepts regularly.

5TH WHEEL plans to open offline stores in the United States in the first half of 2023, while also recruiting comprehensive brand dealers. The company is currently planning to enter large stores and retail chains across the United States. The independent brand website is also currently undergoing revision. The website will go live just in time to provide overseas customers with important services, such as maintenance and after-sales support through online channels, while also guiding buyers to offline channels for repairs and resale services. For more investment details, Mr. Liao can be contacted at [email protected].

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