Virtual Shoe Key Master Machine – Popular Sneaker Platform ExtremeSneakList launches new augmented reality game ESL Arcade

Virtual Key Master Machine

ExtremeSneakList’s new ESL Arcade project is an exciting way to engage with the sneaker community unlike ever before. Through augmented reality users can play a virtual Key Master machine game from their own homes, with no need to venture out. The virtual Key Master machine game aims to offer maximum convenience and ease of use, with users only needing a mobile device in order to participate. The virtual Key Master machine has prizes for playing include high-end sneakers and other great rewards. This pivot is especially beneficial during the current pandemic, when many don’t feel comfortable leaving their homes even for something as entertainment-filled as gaming. ExtremeSneakList has something special to offer with this virtual Key Master. With luck and skill, you could be walking away with must-have sneakers!

What is a Sneaker Key Master?

Key Master is an unbeatable challenge for shoe aficionados who love to test their skills. It’s a hugely popular game that is primarily played in sneaker stores and has become a fascinating way of engaging shoppers. The game requires only minimal help to understand – simply place the key in the slot with as few tries as possible, just make sure to be accurate or you’ll get charged with an L! For a few dollars per play, it’s an incredibly exciting opportunity for sneaker lovers to have fun while browsing through their favorite stores. Whether you win or not, Key Master adds an extra buzz to shopping resulting in a thrilling experience.For more information on Key Master, click here to search for, on Youtube!

How To Play Virtual Key Master ESL Arcade

Purchase Coins

The virtual Key Master game is the perfect way if you’re looking to win big rewards without breaking your bank. Start off by purchasing coins from the buy coins tab, where you can choose from a variety of packages ranging from just $5.99 with one play, to 5 plays and 10 plays options – enabling players of all budget levels to join in on the thrill of victory. It’s an exciting and rewarding game, perfect for testing your luck or honing your skill.

View Prizes

Looking for the latest and greatest kicks or the hottest technology? Well, the prize section has your name written all over it! With access to some of the most coveted sneakers and electronics on the market, you can find a variety of items to win. No matter what your style or preference is, there’s something in this section that will pique your interest. And with a high selection of prizes available every day, you could luck out and take home something truly special! So don’t hesitate – check out the prize section today and start planning your next big win.

Play Virtual Key Master Machine

The virtual Key Master is a challenging game topped with personalized content and ads that have been praised by users all over. Players get to enjoy the gratification of operating a virtual Key Master machine as they move the joystick left and right, hold down the button to raise the crane and select one of nine slots to drop it in. The thrill really kicks in as they hope and pray that the slot they chose will be enough for them to fit their key in, thereby winning big. If the user manages to get their key into one of these slots, they then fill out their name, size, and address details so they can receive the prize waiting behind it. With tons of fun features combined with unique rewards, it’s no wonder so many people are choosing to take on this exciting challenge for their chance at prizes! (Click here to play)

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