Revolut Media LLC Plans To Invest $5m On New Acquisition Lifestyleug

Brand building experts Revolut Media is planning to invest $5 million in their latest acquisition, a spokesperson for the company has stated. 

Revolut Media acquired the LifestyleUG brand in October of last year and has since been in the process of revamping the website and restructuring the staff and crew working behind the scenes.

The Uganda-based digital lifestyle magazine has long been one of the leading sources of business, finance, entertainment, travel, culture, health, politics, and sports news in Uganda and East Africa. is a source of honest and unbiased information and a trusting voice helping people navigate the realities of Uganda and the world across. The website is home to some of the most outspoken voices in African journalism.

According to the company spokesperson, the $5 million investment will go into upgrading the brand’s infrastructure in Uganda and East Africa and enhancing the website’s presence through diversified marketing strategies, with the aim of improving readership statistics.

East Africa is an emerging market with a growing base of consumers of online news and information thanks to improvements in telecommunications and infrastructure in recent years. However, there is an evident gap in terms of quality, when it comes to what consumers are looking for and what is available online.

Revolut Media aims to fill this gap by providing quality content on a palatable platform that satisfies the needs of the African audience and also readers worldwide. 

The LifestyleUG website has already undergone major revamps in layout, design, and user interface with the aim of making it more accessible to readers. 

Positive changes have also been made to the staff extending the commitment to inclusivity which is one of the core values of Revolut Media. 

Talented journalists, editors, and writers, both experienced and young, from around the globe have been added to the panel to ensure a diverse range of voices in reporting, and to serve a diverse audience. 

The vision of the company is not just to make LifestyleUG the best news portal in Uganda and East Africa, but also one of the best globally.

This marks Revolut Media’s latest significant investment after similar investments were made in previous years on the German lifestyle daily Alpspitze Tagebuch, the crypto, and forex news Profit Loss, the music channel El Ukelele and the independent news source SDGLN among others. 

The company is also in discussions to add more brands to its portfolio with the aim of creating avenues into diversified areas.

About Revolut Media

Revolut Media, headquartered in Miami-Dade, United States, is a company that specializes in building online brands. Despite being a young organization with just over 5 years of presence in the industry, the company has grown by leaps and bounds in a short span of time. 

This is a reflection of the strategic investments the company has made over half a decade. Today, the brands owned by the company together generate over 300 million unique visitors to their websites.

The success of the company can be directly attributed to its vision, which is to provide valuable content to its visitors. All brands under their umbrella are built with the goal of enlightening consumers and helping them make informed decisions.

To this end, the company hires the best specialists in their respective fields to curate content that adheres to international standards. This has helped Revolut Media brands to become trusted names in the different areas they operate.

Revolut Media is currently partnering with many major brands and inviting further partnerships that are in parallel with the company’s values.

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