The Lifestyle Leading Web 3 Super App – SecondFi

The platform will be officially launched in early 2023 and is expected to bridge the gap between the real and virtual fitness worlds.


In the present era, many people are living a sedentary lifestyle and struggling to take time out for their health and passions to live a more meaningful life. That’s where the new super-app SecondFi wants to make a difference.

SecondFi is a Web 3.0 fitness platform that aims to connect and motivate people to exercise by seamingless experience utilizing blockchain technology. This has been built by a team of hardcore gymnasts and passionate blockchain believers who believes in innovating and delivering high quality output every time.

Following the roadmap, SecondFi ecosystem will be developed through phases:

1. Exercise app

2. AI Assistant & Health evaluation system

3. Wallet & Payment

4. Ecommerce platform

5. Metaverse for Fitness and Ecommerce

In phase one, users will purchase Backpack NFT in order to participate in “moving” and earn rewards. SecondFi is vastly different from Move2earn projects in that it promotes a variety of healthy activities, such as going outside and becoming more connected with nature. SecondFi will therefore reward behaviors such as riding a motorcycle and driving car.

Combining Big Data and AI, SecondFi compiles all information about the user’s body from many sources with great precision. Then, provide a thorough evaluation of the user’s health that is the basis for generating suggestions for improvement, virtual assistant programs that remind daily via smart devices.

With wallet 2.0 (under development), SecondFi will solve the problem of crypto-fiat payment intermediaries that is essential for the growth of e-commerce. SecondFi’s ecommerce platform is highly scalable for both crypto and non-crypto customers. Imagine Shopee’s growth pace if this exchange also sold NFTs and accepted tokens as payment.

Finally, The Fitness Metaverse of SecondFi is an open narrative in which we develop our dreams together. Currently, SecondFi’s leadership specifies three primary pillars for the Secondverse: fitness, the sharing economy, and global events.


SecondFi is an American technology firm founded in 2017 that specializes in the realm of health and wellness. SecondFi develops a collection of platform apps to enhance user health, telemedicine, and the development of a healthy and prosperous community.

People interested in learning more about SecondFi can visit their website to read the official whitepaper.

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