Vacuum Shrink Preservation Packaging For Chilled Meat

Fresh meat has a very short shelf life in its natural environment and many factors can cause spoilage of meat, and industries in various countries are looking for ways to extend the shelf life. Today the meat industry in Europe and the United States by controlling the three basic elements, namely temperature, hygiene, packaging (shrink vacuum bag packaging) successfully obtained a shelf life of 3 months for chilled beef and 70 days for chilled lamb, while the vacuum shrink bags can provide the main function of packaging for barrier (gas, moisture) and shrinkage. Here, in particular, according to the handling of cold meat on the existence of challenges to explore the impact of shrinkage vacuum bag packaging on the shelf life of cold meat.1 Barrier1.1 Prevention of weight loss (weight loss) Unpackaged fresh meat will lose weight due to moisture loss, the longer the storage time, the more serious the weight loss. Weight loss will not only make the meat darker and worse appearance, but also directly cause the loss of profits for manufacturers, such as shrink bags vacuum packaging sealed, the moisture can be preserved, there will be no dehydration phenomenon.1.2 Inhibit microorganisms1.3 Stop color change1.4 Retard rancidity (rancidity)1.5 control enzymes (enzyme; enzyme)2 ShrinkageBrief description of main functions.1. shrinkage helps reduce excess material outside the package, making the package more snug, more beautiful appearance, and enhance the sales attractiveness of meat.2. shrinkage eliminates bag film wrinkles and capillary water absorption generated by them, thereby minimizing the seepage of blood from the meat.3. shrinkage can increase the thickness of the bag, thereby improving its oxygen barrier and extending the shelf life of fresh meat. It also makes the bags tougher and more wear-resistant.4. the sealing strength of the bag is improved after shrinkage5. after shrinkage, the bag is more tightly attached to the meat, forming a “second skin”. If the bag is inadvertently broken, it can obviously reduce the impact on the meat, so that the loss is minimized.


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