Twit.TV is 2023’s best tech podcast people need to listen to right now

Twit.TV is taking fun, information, and entertainment on all things tech a step further this year. It stays on track to provide breaking tech news, future trends, security and privacy, and political and regulatory developments – all wrapped into fast-paced and entertaining tech podcast episodes.

The tech boom continues to rage on this 2023, and it’s not showing any signs of it slowing down anytime soon. Twit.TV, bannered with its theme “tech podcasts from people you trust,” is taking the podcast landscape to the next level this year. 

Twit.TV podcasts keep people up-to-date with all that’s happening in the world of technology. They can be entertained while learning about the latest tech news, reviews, and how-tos. They can also geek out with the great technology podcasts from Leo Laporte, Jason Howell, Mikah Sargent, Ant Pruitt, and friends.

This Week in Tech features the latest tech podcasts, bringing something new for followers to discover in a game-changing platform where tech and podcasting converge. Recent tech podcasts include the highlights in tech for the year 2022, a tech review on the latest iOS, and the best of security in 2022.

One of Twit.TV’s new offering is Ask The Tech Guys, which takes the production up a notch and will include video callers over Zoom. In the each episode, folks from all over can join via Zoom and chat with Leo Laporte and Mikah Sargent about how to improve their tech, find solutions to their problems and learn new tips and tricks. In addition, followers can expect regulars like Scott Wilkinson, Dick DeBartolo, Johnny Jet, Sam Abuelsamid, and Rod Pyle to join in, along with TWiT hosts Jason Howell and Ant Pruitt.

Ask The Tech Guys starts January 8, 2023 and is available on all the podcast apps. Fans and followers can also listen to tech podcasts on Windows deep dives, cybersecurity, IoT, open-source, and Google. They can also get reviews on smartphones and laptops, recommendations on the best apps, plus help and how-tos with their tech questions. 

Covering the latest technology developments since 2005, Twit.TV has the unique distinction of being one of the world’s first all-tech podcast networks. It is known for its expert analysis, unfiltered opinions, and fearless podcast hosts. 

Twit.TV also features an exclusive and helpful blog section about everything in tech, where followers can dive deep into the latest trends and issues in tech. 

Twit.TV was founded by Leo Laporte and is based near the heart of Silicon Valley in Northern California. Its network is the home of its original tech podcasts of the geeks, by the geeks, and for the geeks. 

Followers and tech enthusiasts may catch all the shows on Twit.TV 24/7 at They can also join Club TWiT to get episodes ad-free plus other exclusive membership benefits or discuss episodes with other fans in the TWiT Community.

Others who wish to learn more about Twit.TV may visit its website at or follow its social channels for more information.

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