Rhoda Goldman Plaza Is Providing Superior Assisted Senior Living For The San Francisco Area

Located in an ideal spot in San Francisco, Rhoda Goldman Plaza offers a wide variety of assisted living options. The dedicated staff works hard to keep residents “living well with assistance” under their gentle and professional care.

Assisted living is a great resource for numerous types of situations. Whether for seniors who need help getting around, those who don’t have assistance in their area, or those who need support due to memory-related issues, a great assisted living facility can help turn their life around. Their children can be freed up to enjoy time with them instead of providing constant care, and they get the ability to live independently again with medical staff available 24/7 to help them out. 

Rhoda Goldman Plaza is one such great assisted senior living facility. This non-profit facility is right in the heart of San Francisco, within just a few blocks of great cafes, restaurants, theaters, and more to keep seniors living their lives. 

Rhoda Goldman Plaza’s great services and caring mentality

Built on Jewish principles, Rhoda Goldman Plaza is an assisted living facility that wants their residents to feel independent. It’s important for them to continue to enjoy life and live it to the fullest. Their services are unsurpassed in the San Francisco area, and it’s due to the way they focus on their residents. 

It begins with the ideal location. With numerous entertainment and food venues, as well as hospitals, located within walking distance, residents get to continue to enjoy their daily life as they socialize with friends and family. 

Their staff-to-resident ratio is the highest possible. Residents don’t need to worry that they won’t be able to get assistance when needed or that they’ll be waiting a long time. Rhoda Goldman Plaza has prioritized hiring a staff that is not only highly trained but large enough to provide everything their residents need. 

Each private apartment is designed to let in tons of natural light with its own kitchenette and a design that is ideal for mobility. Residents don’t need to worry about cleaning either, as their beds are made for them daily, and they receive weekly housekeeping to clean up on their behalf. 

Rhoda Goldman Plaza has also prioritized hiring the best chefs to provide breakfasts, lunches, and dinners that rival any restaurant. Residents don’t need to worry about typical “hospital food” with these delicious meals provided from 7 am to 7 pm every day. 

Residents get to be engaged with all kinds of lectures, musical performances, exercise classes, and clubs that encourage them to socialize with their community while experiencing enjoyable activities. 


These are just some of the many ways that Rhoda Goldman Plaza is taking senior assisted living to the next level. They stand by the motto of “living well with assistance” as they take care of all of their residents. Residents of Rhoda Goldman Plaza will get to experience life, community, and fun, all while knowing they are safe and well taken care of.

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