Unparalleled OC Tutoring for Year Six Students Presented by Global Education Academy

Global Education Academy is the leading Australian educational organization specializing in elevating the performance of students, helping them uncover and harness their untapped potential, and changing their perspective on learning with special teaching methodologies.

Seventy-seven schools in New South Wales provide Opportunity Classes. With the acceptance rate being only 15%, students need to take the time to prepare. OC tests are comprised of three tests which cover mathematical reasoning, reading comprehension, and thinking skills. To ensure their children’s chances of enrolling in schools supporting Opportunity Classes, more and more parents are seeking the premium OC tutoring services Global Education Academy provides. 

The company’s spokesperson imparted that gifted and talented children flourish the most when placed in groups of motivated, smart hard workers and that OC classes are an ideal atmosphere for young brilliant minds to prosper, stating the following:

“OC opens up many options for your child’s education. Gifted children that are not surrounded by students on their level will feel disengaged and bored. When children are not engaged in activities that interest them or provide them with a sense of accomplishment, they may become restless, irritable, or even disruptive,” said Global Education Academy’s spokesperson.

GEA’s experts have asserted that children who are challenged positively are more likely to have better behavior and to be more successful in school and other areas of their lives. Maintaining a high level of engagement can be an important way to prevent behavioral problems in children.

Global Education Academy’s “Five-C Method” is a crucial component of its OC tutoring suite of services. The company’s spokesperson imparted that “Clarity, Cognisance, Confidence, Connection, and Cultivation” form the pillar of GEA’s teaching system. 

Clarity empowers parents with transparency and set clear-cut goals the students strive toward. Cognizance revolves around conceptual understanding and problem-solving skills, teaching children how to approach issues so they can solve them independently rather than focusing solely on the answers. 

Confidence is crucial in all education systems, and GEA is not an exception. Global Education Academy’s experts continually work toward helping their students realize their gifts and potential. At the same time, GEA delivers consistent, predictable results and seeks to establish meaningful relationships with parents as clients based on confidence.

GEA is one of the fastest-growing communities in Australia, accepting dozens of new students each day. The company values connection with both parents and students as much as it values results. 

The “Cultivation” point gels the previous “Cs” together. Global Education Academy’s professionals are continuously working toward polishing their skills and leveraging their experience to boost clarity & transparency, helping students attain and elevate problem-solving skills, and create meaningful ties among GEA’s community members. 

More information about Global Education Academy is available on the company’s official website.

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