“Learning How to Learn” – Global Education Academy Unveils the Secrets of its Sophisticated Teaching Method

Global Education Academy is the leading Australian academy specializing in primary school tutoring, OC tutoring, high school tutoring, and specialized tutoring. GEA’s professional teachers are helping Australian students learn “how to learn” by leveraging an advanced Five-C teaching methodology.

Learning and confidence are interrelated. For children to have confidence early they need to be equipped to tackle any numerical and literacy challenges that come their way. English and math are usually the most important and are considered “core subjects”. Having an early grasp of these core subjects will dictate a child’s learning later in life, as well as help build their confidence. 

Confidence leads to happiness, drives engagement, and can support the student when it comes to learning more diverse subjects, including creative arts, science, or history. 

According to data sourced from the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), it is estimated that 13.3% of adults in Australia have attained level 4 or 5 in numeracy. In literacy, young adults in Australia show lower average proficiency relative to their counterparts in Finland, Japan, Korea, and the Netherlands. 

Global Education Academy is a premier Australian education company offering a broad range of tutoring services. The school is on a mission to push the envelope in Australian education and ensure its students become enamored with learning. 

“Learning how to learn” is one of the key points GEA addresses with its students. All children have different learning capacities, aspirations, and skills. Some children are extremely talented while others compensate for the lack thereof with hard work. To eliminate the guesswork from the equation and ensure parents have confidence in their child’s academic future, Global Education Academy is helping children approach the process of learning, acquiring information, and processing it differently. 

Global Education Academy is founded and helmed by Dr. Majeda Awawdeh, an Australian educator, author, and entrepreneur. Dr. Majeda is a multi-award winner, with some of the most notable accolades to her name being the winner of NSW Small Business in the Telstra Business Women’s Awards category; Best Educational Service Champion, Best Specialized Services in St. George, and Business Person of the Year in 2017. 

Dr. Majeda Awawdeh has left no stone unturned while searching for the best professional teachers in educators across Australia; GEA is home to experts that have years of experience helping children grow and acquire the best learning habits.

Global Education Academy is leveraging the experience and skills of its teachers, Dr. Majeda’s groundbreaking research, and state-of-the-art educational methodologies to aid Australian students in their quest for knowledge. By helping each student learn how to learn, no subject can become too difficult to understand and no challenge is too large to overcome.

More information about Global Education Academy is available on the company’s official website.

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