‘Beautiful’ By Cameron Lundgren Hits Best Selling Status In The US, Canada, And France In Multiple Categories

‘Beautiful’ By Cameron Lundgren Hits Best Selling Status In The US, Canada, And France In Multiple Categories

Don’t give up!
Cameron Lundgren announces his book, ‘Beautiful’ has become the number one international bestseller.

Cameron Lundgren, a successful entrepreneur and a top salesperson, is now a best-selling author in multiple countries. His book ‘Beautiful’ has reached best-selling status in the US, Canada, and France for a total of 42 Best Selling Categories, with a number-one ranking in seven categories.

“I am happy that my book is successful and has become the number one international bestseller in many categories,” says Cameron Lundgren. “My mission is to spread the pandemic of suicide awareness. The purpose of my book is for anyone with thoughts of suicide to think twice, to think about the destruction they’ll leave behind, and about the destruction of what could have been.”

According to the author, the core message in the book is that no matter how low you find yourself in life, no matter how bleak things seem, there is always a way out. The author encourages his readers to keep fighting and never stop because greatness could be just around the corner.

There are some excellent tips that Cameron wants to share. The most important tip is never to give up. He wants his readers to find their passion and a way to make a living because they will never have to work for another day in their life. The most important message is to remain connected to God or a higher power.

“We have spirits all around us pulling for us and working miracles behind the scenes. Embrace them.”

Cameron says he is passionate about two things. The first one is improving mental health and increasing awareness about suicide. The other passion is his two brave boys, whom he loves with all his heart.

“Suicide is a taboo topic because no one wants to talk about it or even consider what might have happened to our loved ones. We need to talk about the sickness that plagues our minds; hiding it only allows darkness to grow.”

Cameron says he will bring this vital message forward with his book.

‘Beautiful’ will be available in paperback and audible very soon. He will also have a podcast on Spotify and Apple as well.

The author wants people to reach out to people when they least expect it and check how they are doing. These are the small moments that everyone will remember and cherish. 

People spend a significant part of their lives by themselves.

“80% of our days are spent by ourselves, but it’s not good to be lonely. It’s easy to lift yourself by lifting someone else. You never know that person you happen to call or send the message will most likely need it.”

According to Cameron, people can control their lives by deciding whether to be happy and have a positive attitude or to be gloomy and live with a negative attitude.

For more information, visit http://www.beautifulbook.us/

About Cameron Lundgren:

Cameron is a successful entrepreneur, a top salesperson, and now a best-selling author in multiple countries. His book, Beautiful, has reached the No.1 International Best-Selling Status in the US, Canada, and France for 42 best-selling categories, with #1 ranking in seven categories.

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