New book “Never Again Still Means Never Again” by Michael Gutter is released, a collection of writings on battling antisemitism, debunking hate group mistruths, and understanding Jewish history

New book "Never Again Still Means Never Again" by Michael Gutter is released, a collection of writings on battling antisemitism, debunking hate group mistruths, and understanding Jewish history

“Never Again Still Means Never Again: Dismantling hate groups and other musings” by Amazon Bestselling Author Michael Gutter has been released worldwide. This 284-page work takes a fiery, compelling look at the history of antisemitism, from Hitler’s rise to power to the ways bigoted viewpoints persist today. 

An expansion and revision of Gutter’s first book, “Never Again Means Never Again,” this educational work doesn’t shy away from sensitive topics, digging into the past and present to expose the myths, coercion, and propaganda that have led to cruelty and closed-mindedness. 

The writing style is straightforward, even edgy at times, but serves to help readers understand how serious – and deeply personal – these issues are to so many people around the world. Regardless of background, readers of all kinds can gain valuable insights and perspective-shifting wisdom, and take this information with them into their daily interactions. 

While centered primarily on the Jewish experience and the plague of antisemitism, Gutter goes beyond this specific area to examine the larger causes (and impact) of homophobia, racism, xenophobia, and hateful thinking in general. In timely, poignant, and easily digestible quips, the author shows the folly of such thinking, and shows how these messages of intolerance can spread through societies if left unchecked. These ideas are essential for building a civil, understanding, and loving society. When we understand how hate spreads, we are better equipped to fight back against it.

Never Again Still Means Never Again (ISBN: 9781959446071) can be purchased through retailers worldwide, including Barnes and Noble and Amazon. The paperback retails for $14.99 and the ebook retails for $4.99. Review copies and interviews are available upon request.Learn more at 

From the back cover:

The harsh tone and writing in my first book, Never Again MEANS Never Again, is based on anger and frustration due to blatant lies that I grew tired of constantly debunking. It’s a “no holds barred” response and long overdue. I wrote this newest version without the “R” rated language, dark humor, and innuendo. It contains the same content and subject matter as the first book, but in a way that anyone of any age can read and understand. Frankly, it should be required reading worldwide, in my humble opinion. 

This book provides antisemites, homophobes, racists, and other minority haters an opportunity to compare the facts from this book to the lies they’ve been told, believe, and perpetuate. 

It’s written for every Jew worldwide to help understand the parts of our history, our present, and our future. It provides facts and opinions on topics such as Hitler, Treaty of Versailles, Manhattan Project, Israeli-Palestinian conflict, Nazis, Nobel Prize, Hollywood and much, much more. Right now, our path looks bleak, but fixable. If you want to help, read the book and remember… Never Again Still MEANS Never Again. 

About the author:

I have probably watched every episode of “First Time Watching Schindler’s List” on YouTube. I got hooked on the viewers’ changing emotions throughout the movie and still get extremely mad, disgusted, horrified, etc., by the end of each showing. That’s how I wrote “Never Again MEANS Never Again.” Angry, angry, angry.

However, I also watch the credits of each viewing in anticipation of the movie watcher’s reaction as they see the real, live, living Jews from “Schindler’s List.” These survivors smile and confirm to each new viewer that we are a tough, smart, and proud people. I’m not sure I want to know someone who doesn’t shed a tear at those ending scenes.

That’s how I wrote “Never Again STILL MEANS Never Again” — an edgy, straight forward, honest book that should be required reading by most. In this version, I refrain from the dark humor, foul language and hardcore insults in the first book. Otherwise, all of the topics, subjects, storylines, facts, etc., etc. etc. haven’t been changed.

I had to write the first book exactly how I would discuss it with someone who wants to injure my family, my friends and those who can’t defend themselves. Furthermore, I watched, read and listened to so much murder, torture, rape, medical experimentation, starvation and on and on. I was constantly writing in anger. Outside of a couple of chapters, I was perpetually pissed.

Anyway, from that book came the second one and diplomatic way in which I normally speak to others.

I stand by everything written in both books, but “Never Again STILL MEANS Never Again” is the book that anyone from anywhere can read, and I hope they do.

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