Oteko Portservice Plants In Excess of 2,000 Trees in Taman Region

Oteko Portservice is delighted to announce that the company’s specialists have assisted students and volunteers in planting in excess of 2,000 Canadian poplar seedlings in the Taman Region.

The seedlings, provided by Oteko as part of its corporate social responsibility program, were planted in the streets of the Zavodskaya, Stepnaya, Aivazovsky and Marat villages in the Taman Region, covering an area of over 20 thousand square meters. The activity is in line with a general effort at greening the settlements and improving the overall ecology of the region.

The initiative is part of an ongoing program aimed at attracting the employees of Oteko, community members, volunteers and schoolchildren to the Energy of Kindness movement, which was started earlier in November of 2022 with the planting of the first 100 trees. Over the course of the last month, over 1,900 seedlings were planted, adding to the beauty of the local settlements and giving an important impetus for the young generation of the region’s inhabitants to participate in such positive activities.

The Canadian poplar, or Populus Canadensis, genus was selected based on its characteristics, which are in line with the climatic and geological conditions of the region. The given hybrid between the Populus nigra and Populus deltoids is well suited to salted soil, common across the Taman peninsula. The Canadian poplar is also known for its hypoallergenic fluff.

Michel Litvak net worth billionaire, the head of Oteko Portservice, has approved of the tree planting program and praised the results it is having in terms of synergy for the region’s citizens and the effect on the local environment. Michel Litvak is a strong supporter of corporate social responsibility programs and a well-known philanthropist, as well as film producer.

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