Discover the Best Surf School in the Bay Area: Tommy Tsunami Surf School

From Surfing Mavericks to Sharing the Thrill of the Ocean: How Two Brothers Turned Their Passion into a Successful Surf School

As young kids, Tommy and Pete grew up in the small coastal town of Half Moon Bay, just three blocks from the ocean. They naturally spent a lot of time swimming and surfing in the water and quickly became hooked on surfing after their first wave. From then on, they focused all their time and effort on the sport, knowing it was their true passion.

Their swimming background gave them great skills and confidence in tackling challenging surf conditions, and they surfed Mavericks, a triple diamond break located in Half Moon Bay, at the ages of 15 and 16. After high school, Peter became an ocean lifeguard for the State of California, while Tommy went to study business in Santa Barbara. Both brothers continued to teach surf lessons on the side for other surf schools to make extra money.

After teaching for other schools for three years, Tommy approached Pete with a business plan to start their own surf school. With their combined three decades of surfing experience and 20,000 hours in the water, they were the perfect people to create a surf school. With Tommy’s business plan and Pete’s starting capital, they set out to make their dream a reality. In 2018, they launched with a LLC, insurance, and some surf gear.

Four years later, the business has been a huge success. They offer group and private surf lessons, a kids summer camp, and have a team of 15 instructors. On average, Tommy Tsunami teaches over 1,000 people per year. They aim to recreate the experience of riding a first wave for every surfer, from beginners to pros, and offer a sense of fulfillment, a connection with the ocean, and a healthy lifestyle through surfing.

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