Author Karen Boxell continues to take kids on an exciting journey with an orange, tabby cat in “Buster Brown’s World.”

Children’s books are extra personal, and creative author Karen Boxell made sure Buster, an orange tabby cat who guides the stories as a relevant character relatable to children, shows them how they can enjoy and learn from animals in their youth. Karen continues to fuel the imaginations of thousands of kids through her stories.

Renowned author Karen Boxell makes a big splash in the children’s book industry with this second series of stories, “Buster Brown’s World,” a fun children’s story about a free-spirited tabby cat who interacts with different wild and free animals.

The book, now available in leading digital stores globally, revolves around Buster, a lovely, orange, tabby cat that lives in a small New England city with Mister and Missus. Before his adoption by Mister and Missus, the furry star had lived in a cold, dirty cellar in a vast city from which he was rescued by a good friend of theirs.  The couple already had two other furry feline critters, Sinbad and Voda, and the three soon became fast friends.  The surname ‘Brown’ was added to Buster’s name to give him extra distinction and prestige as he grew into an elegant fellow.

“I kind of like it, and it makes a good, full name for the adventurous, lead protagonist in the books,” the author said of the orange tabby cat, as she introduced him to the world in her first series of stories, “Buster Brown’s Neighborhood”.

In this second series of stories, Buster helps relate the adventures and circumstances in the lives of some of the other creatures who share his life. In the book, children and adults alike get to follow along as Buster and his friends discover their world from Morocco to New England.

Before becoming a renowned author, Karen Boxell was a high school teacher who mainly wrote for her own pleasure and small local publications for many years. She is a minor published poet.

Karen, a pet parent herself, has immense love and appreciation for the many creatures that share the human world. She talks to her own furry companions as if they were entirely in mutual understanding with her, and indeed, the furry friends seem to be.

Karen and her husband had made a haven of their small property that has been very receiving to animals that live in water, as well as on and under the ground, and those who soar. She lives in a small New England city with her husband, Robert. The two have three children and six grandchildren.

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