Warm season perennial favorites: TN Nursery unveils list of perennial flowers that thrive in the heat.

Even in the heat of the summer, perennials thrive. Here’s TN Nursery’s list of warm-season perennial favorites.

As the warm season draws people to the outdoors to experience the full joy of summer, many perennial gardeners look forward to the bloom of their spring gardening. While perennials are known to be resilient and long-term flowers, some perennials are more suited for warmer weather than others.

TN Nursery, the largest mail-order plant nursery in the US, walks through its warm-season perennial favorites to help gardeners choose from the variety of summer flowers available. These perennials are also ideal for people looking for a long-term addition to their garden.

The warm-season perennials

A key distinguishing trait of warm-season perennials is their ability to blossom and grow under the scorching sun and their need for a lot of light. Many of these flowers look good anywhere, making gardens beautiful throughout the warm season. Besides adding beauty to flowerbeds, gardens and landscapes, perennials are also preferred for their other benefits, which include adding nutrients to the soil, promoting pollination and removing pets.

TN Nursery’s heat-tolerant perennials spruce up flower beds and add that touch of sophistication to landscapes. These perennial flowers include phlox, bloodroot plants, geranium and the list of favorites described below.

–  Ajuga

The Ajuga Perennial is a full sun to partial shade flower that matures to a height of up to 14 inches. Ajuga is a perfect perennial flower for ground covers, landscaping and flower gardens. Ajuga flowers are a shining blue that captivates the eye from afar.

–  Black-eyed Susan

Black-eyed Susan is a daisy-like flower that is perfect for the summer. They are easy to grow and heat tolerant, making them perfect summer perennials that can grow up to 2-3 feet tall.

–  Black Cohosh

Black Cohosh is a perfect summer garden addition that is beautiful and useful in warding off pests. It contrasts a garden with its green and bushy bottom and colorful white flowers perched on a long stem.

Sun perennials at TN Nursery

Sorting through plant types, the seasons they bloom, plant zones and more can be difficult. TN Nursery makes it easy for people to find exactly what they need by creating categories for their plants. The Sun perennials category at TN Nursery helps people quickly identify perennials that will survive and thrive in the sun.

For people looking forward to enjoying their warm-season perennials, adding perennial plants from a nursery is the best way to guarantee they enjoy the blooms. TN Nursery offers a wide selection of perennial plants that thrive in the heat. The nursery offers an array of long-life reliable, beautiful flowers at affordable prices that come in various colors, shapes and growing needs.

TN Nursery invites people to browse its large selection of perennials, all available in a variety of packages that help clients find exactly what they need. Visit TN Nursery to get warm-season perennials early enough for a perfect in-season bloom.

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