UX Designer Ayush Marathe Pioneers Accessible Designs for the Disabled with AI and VR Technologies

Mumbai, India – Ayush Marathe, an award-winning, hearing-handicapped designer on the future of artificial intelligence, has earned recognition for his contributions to the field. The Indian designer has made a name for himself by supporting initiatives that use artificial intelligence (AI) and virtual reality (VR) technologies to make life easier for people like him worldwide.

To date, Ayush has supported promising efforts to develop intuitive, accessible interfaces for everyday devices and systems, such as mobile phones, tablet computers, and web interfaces. These intuitive interfaces would use AI to help people with disabilities seamlessly access them and live more independently and confidently. His work has also supported the integration of voice commands and voice prompts to control devices without the need for manual input, as well as the development of artificial intelligence technologies to analyze user data and create personalized experiences and the development of assistive technology for customized assistive devices, such as prosthetics.

Additionally, Ayush’s professional work has explored the intersection of artificial intelligence, virtual reality, and UX design for people with disabilities. He has regularly supported projects using virtual reality technology, powered by artificial intelligence, to create realistic environments for people with physical or cognitive impairments so they can experience the world in new and exciting ways.

“It is an honor to be a recognized award winner and leader in the field of UX design & artificial intelligence,” remarked Ayush Marathe. “AI complemented with user experience design can bring the benefits of technology to everyone, including those with disabilities who may struggle to navigate and experience our world. User experience designers like myself are focused on exploring how cutting-edge technologies, like artificial intelligence and virtual reality, can make life simpler for people with disabilities,” He added.

A rising authority in the field of user experience design, Ayush Marathe brings years of experience and knowledge of Human-centered intuitive design to the field. To learn more and connect with Ayush Marathe, visit him on Linkedin here. 

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