LetMeSpeak launches new in-game mechanics based on a grammar game – PvP (player versus player)

From the beginning, LetMeSpeak’s focus has been on creating an engaging way to learn English and motivating people to continue to learn new material. The language learning service is constantly looking at ways to enhance the experience of users through a fun and productive approach.
LetMeSpeak would like to introduce you to their new in-game mechanics based on a grammar game – PvP (player versus player). 
Practicing previously learned material with PvP allows users to test their knowledge and compare their progress with others. This approach increases the user’s motivation to continue studying and improves their memorization process. 
What happens in the game?
You will find a city road where grammar exercises serve as a moped engine. Collect words to then put into sentences and overtake your competitor in real time.
PvP game mechanics are still in the initial stages, so there will be updates and improvements in the future. LetMeSpeak is in a constant cycle of growth and development. The letMeSpeak team is creating an online ecosystem that helps students improve their knowledge in a fun and easy way. Being supported by data-driven methodology means that students are motivated to continue their ongoing educational journey.
Find up-to-date information in the LetMeSpeak whitepaper on their website.
About LetMeSpeak
LetMeSpeak has taken a high-quality Web2 language learning product and transformed it into an even more engaging Web3 experience (available on the internet and via an Android and iOS app). The unique format of learning English with a new motivation system, learn-and-earn, allows people to learn a language and motivates them to continue their education using rewards that can be exchanged for real money.

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