The Board Game – Escape From The King Of Qiongqi

The board game we’re recommending today is actually a streamlined version of the War of Spirit Stone.

Though these two kinds of board games are similar in core gameplay, the plot and props of this board game have been greatly condensed and streamlined, and it’s more suitable for interaction with children over 3 years old.


This board game is more compact and lightweight, easy to carry, and it feels great when you hold it in your hand.

With appearance containing the classic elements of the Romance of the Mountain and the Sea, it has more delicate visual effect and color match.

How To Play

The core gameplay of this board game is essentially similar to that of flight game, i.e, moving forward by rolling the dice. Players choose their favorite character miniatures, place them in the starting position, and move on the board by rolling the dice in turn.

It seems very easy, but you have to meet some difficulties before winning! Many plots and events are designed on the board, and fun things will happen once they are triggered.

Game Accessories

As a casual parent-child small board game, it has very simple accessories, so as to satisfy the board game experience of kids.

Though there are not many accessories, each of them is very delicate.

● 1 quad-fold game board

● 1 red dice

● 1 spirit stone (with random color)

● 4 character miniatures (3D character model)

This simple parent-child board game not only allows children to pass the leisure time, but also promotes parent-child interaction and enhances the parent-child relationship.


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