A Brand New Project by The Nemesis and Arnette: Discover the New Metaverse Built For Zayn X Arnette

The Nemesis and Arnette have established an exciting partnership as we join together to bring something bigger than ourselves to our customers and users.

One year after the launch of ZAYN X ARNETTE collection, the project involving the international pop star Zayn, Arnette has chosen The Nemesis to begin its adventure into the metaverse.

The Nemesis is an entertainment platform offering captivating experiences. Many brands have already sought out The Nemesis to increase the engagement of their communities with immersive gameplays, prized challenges and live events, which users can also find in the metaverse dynamically designed for ZAYN X ARNETTE.

Notably, we have built Zayn’s Virtual Villa on The Nemesis platform allowing users to experience dedicated activities and interactive corners on three campaign-themed levels: Utopia, Retro Town and Art World.

Within this unique metaverse there will be a variety of different experiences, from Car Play on Level 0, where users’ avatars can get behind the wheel of an old-school race car and drive around the villa’s grounds, to a Speed Run Challenge, and finally, a chance to engage with the Trivia Quiz. All this combined, makes visiting Z-Land a trip you will not soon forget.

We also like to extend outside virtual experiences: in fact, at the store outside the villa, users can browse the pop-up windows to find a pair of exclusive Zayn X Arnette shades and connect to the e-comm portal to buy them with ease.

Entering the metaverse, measuring your skills, challenging other users of the community and discovering all these amazing features is simple and free, both from computer and smartphone, via iOS and Android app. Click on the following link: https://thenemesis.io/@zaynxarnette and get ready to play.

Alessandro De Grandi, CEO & Founder @ The Nemesis

LinkedIn profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/alessandro-de-grandi-ab314531 


Android app download: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=io.thenemesis.android

iOS app download: https://apps.apple.com/it/app/the-nemesis/id1550123242


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