Cole Jarvis, owner of Jarvis Media Consolidated guarantees his clients 10,000 followers per month

Real estate agents often struggle with growing their social media accounts and getting more followers. Cole and his team aim to change that.

Being the top-of-mind business your customers think of first is CRUCIAL to seeing large-scale success.

And in real estate, it’s even more important.

Home sellers and buyers are not easily convinced to completely change their lifestyle and leave their homes by ads, social media posts, or even a great realtor they trust telling them to. Instead, this decision is made by a multitude of factors that realtors can’t always control.

This is why being top-of-mind AND trusted is absolutely necessary to becoming the sought-after realtor in your area.

This is where social media management becomes important.

Building trust and differentiating yourself as the number one realtor in your market is not going to happen from posting infographics, sharing headshots of yourself saying “let me be your realtor”, and definitely not from using outbound engine to make generic and under-performing auto posts.

Building your brand means being different and PROVING you’re the one in the sea of hundreds of others that is worth following.

Jarvis Media Consolidated does just that by writing quality content based off market research, filming 6 months of social media posts in one sitting, and distributing that content to all your social media platforms with an effective strategy and distribution plan utilizing paid and organic campaigns.

Our proven strategy allows JMC to guarantee 10,000+ followers per month to help agents become the thought-leader and most recognizable agents in their market.

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