Three Ion Exchange Resins Released at Alfa Chemistry: Mixed Bed Resins, Chelating Resins, and Adsorbent Resins

New York, USA – January 12, 2023 – Earlier this month, the New York-based material supplier, Alfa Chemistry, announced the launch of three new resins for ion exchange chromatography applications, i.e., mixed bed resins, chelating resins, and adsorbent resins, to its customers worldwide, encompassing not only individual scientists but also research labs and organizations.

“Previously, we released a comprehensive line of resins for ion exchange chromatography applications, which has been well-received by global researchers. Among all varieties of ion exchange resins, the catalyst resin, chromatographic media, color changing resin, inert resin, powder resin, radioactive treatment resin, strong acid cation resin, strong base anion resin, weak acid cation resin, and weak base anion resin, have shown significant popularity,” said the Marketing Chief of Alfa Chemistry. “Meanwhile, we’ve also noticed that there are needs for the development of special resins.”

Mixed Bed Resins

Mixed bed resins are a mixture of anion and cation exchange resins in a fixed ratio. These mixed bed devices, including single bed, double bed, and polishing bed, can be used in series to enhance exchange capacity or in parallel to enhance raw material processing capacity. Alfa Chemistry provides a wide range of mixed bed resins for applications such as amine removal, color indicator, condensate polishing, deionized water and ultra-pure water system, purity applications, pure water system, ultra-pure water, water deionization, water softening, etc.

Chelating Resins

Chelating resins with chelating agents can remove heavy metal ions such as Cu(II), Co(II), Ni(II), Cd(II), Pb(II) and Zn(II) through a combination of ionic interaction as well as electrostatic interaction and coordination. At Alfa Chemistry, a variety of chelating resins are available to suit different applications, including: Chelating Resin for Alkaline Earth Metal,MC:55-65%, Chelating Resin for Divalent Transition Metals,MC:52-58%, Chelating Resin for Mercury,MC:47-54%, Chelating Resin for Fluorine,MC:0-10%, Chelating Resin for Alkaline Earth Metal,MC:50-70%, Chelating Resin for Antimony,MC:55-60%, Chelating Resin for Arsenic,MC:35-50%, Chelating Resin for Boron,MC:45-55%, Chelating Resin for Brine Purification,MC:50.0-62.0%, Chelating Resin for Cesium, Potassium and Ammonium Adsorption (MC:60-65%), as well as Chelating Resin for Divalent Transition Metals (MC:43-50%).

Adsorbent Resins

Adsorbent resins are mainly used to remove organic matter in wastewater, decolorize sugar solution, as well as separate and refine natural products and biochemical products. Adsorbent resins are generally divided into three categories, non-polar adsorbent resins, mid-polar adsorbent resins, and polar adsorbent resins. These materials are widely used for wastewater treatment, pharmaceutical separation and purification, column packing, and sugar liquid decolorization. At Alfa Chemistry, customers have easy access to: Adsorbent Resin for Adsorption of Phenolic Aromatic Compounds, MC:42-52%, Adsorbent Resin for Adsorption Refining of Stevioside, MC:50-60%, Adsorbent Resin for Antibiotic Extraction, MC:≤70%, Adsorbent Resin for Antibodies, Enzymes and Proteins Adsorption, MC:70-80%, Adsorbent Resin for Juice Decolorization, MC:55-65%, Adsorbent Resin for Extraction of Weakly Polar Substances, MC:60-70%, Adsorbent Resin for Macromolecule Adsorption, MC:60-70%, and more.

Customers can choose their required ion exchange resin according to the polymer type, moisture content, swelling rate, effective size, and ionic form. For more information regarding ion exchange resins from Alfa Chemistry, please visit its website at to learn more.


Ion exchange resins are used in research and industrial applications as a medium for ion exchange applications. Alfa Chemistry prides itself in supplying a comprehensive range of ion exchange products for customers across the globe. At the same time, Alfa Chemistry is a supportive partner in conducting analysis, process development, optimization, and design services for resins.

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